Topic outline

  • Deeper Dive Goals & Guidelines

    Deeper Dive into Technology Goals:  

    Teachers will:

        • Explore digital literacy.
        • Collaborate with colleagues regarding classroom application strategies.
        • Gain experience and confidence with technology, applications, and/or data in the classroom.
        • Reflect upon and learn from personal experience with technology.
        • Improve and strengthen classroom practices to further student engagement. 
        • Experience a blended learning environment.

    Deeper Dive Into Technology Guidelines:  

          • You choose your educational technology topic and/or project.  What do you REALLY REALLY want to learn about or do with regards to technology in your education world?  This topic/project should remain the same throughout the entire year with possible slight offshoots as you learn about your topic.  
          • The second Tuesday of every month you will "check in" by posting in a forum on your progress
          • Each month, reply to at least two of your peers offering feedback. 
          • Your action plan doc will be your artifact or your evidence of learning.  
                • Your action plan will need to be shared with all participants.  
                • Tues, May 8th, will be your final submission in the Forum and in your Action Plan.  

  • Deeper Dive Check-in Forums

  • Deeper Dive Resources

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