BPS District Social Emotional Learning Book


MS Learning Goals

Middle School

(6-8) MS Indicators

Learning Goals


SEL-MS.SeA Self-Awareness

    • SEL-MS.S-A.1ie Distinguish different levels of emotions and explain the physical reaction to various emotions (e.g. how bodies looks and feel).
    • SEL-MS.S-A.2rs Identify personal strengths and the skills required to develop those strengths.
    • SEL-MS.S-A.3sce Understand the relationship between effort, attitude and achievement.
    • SEL-MS.S-A.4asp Distinguish between personal feelings and how one is expected to feel in a variety of situations.


SEL-MS.SeM Self-Management

    • SEL-MS.S-M.1ic Explain possible outcomes of expressing emotions in a various way.
    • SEL-MS.S-M.2sm Apply stress management strategies.
    • SEL-MS.S-M.3sd Display endurance when facing adversity for the purpose of personal growth.
    • SEL-MS.S-M.4s-m Display indicators of a growth mindset.
    • SEL-MS.S-M.5gs Create and monitor personal and academic goals to meet identified needs.
    • SEL-MS.S-M.6os Apply strategies for planning, prioritizing and managing time.


SEL-MS.SoA Social Awareness

    • SEL-MS.SA.1hs Identify support at home, school and community.
    • SEL-MS.SA.2ept Demonstrate the ability to anticipate feelings and perspectives of others in a variety of situations.
    • SEL-MS.SA.3ad Analyze how people from diverse peer groups can learn from each other.
    • SEL-MS.SA.4rfo Evaluate strategies for being respectful of others and opposing stereotyping and prejudice.


SEL-MS.ReS Relationship Skills

    • SEL-MS.RS.1c Demonstrate proper etiquette when communicating electronically.
    • SEL-MS.RS.2se Demonstrate appropriate responses to social situations at home, school and in the community (e.g. family meal time, free play, extracurriculars, dances, diverse peer groups, volunteering, etc.).
    • SEL-MS.RS.3rb Explain an approach to limit setting. (e.g. Acknowledge Feelings, Communicate the limit, Target alternate).
    • SEL-MS.RS.4tw Demonstrate cooperation and teamwork to promote group effectiveness.
    • SEL-MS.RS.5cr Apply conflict resolution strategies in a variety of situations (e.g. interpersonal, intrapersonal, intragroup, intergroup).


SEL-MS.RDM Responsible Decision-Making

    • SEL-MS.RDM.1ip Demonstrate the ability to acknowledge problems in a variety of situations.
    • SEL-MS.RDM.2as Analyze factual information surrounding situation.
    • SEL-MS.RDM.3sp Evaluate potential solutions to problems.
    • SEL-MS.RDM.4e&r Recognize unsafe or high risk situations and utilize strategies to remove oneself.
    • SEL-MS.RDM.5er Evaluate how external influences such as media, peers, and/or cultural norms influence personal behavior.