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The ability to successfully regulate one's emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations effectively managing stress, controlling impluses, and motivating oneself. The ability to set and work toward personal and academic goals.


  1. IC Impluse Control
  2. SM Stress Management
  3. SD Self-Discipline
  4. S-M Self-Management
  5. GS Goal Setting
  6. OS Organizational Skills

Grade Span

Students will be able to ...
  • SEL-K2.S-M.1ic Demonstrate self-control in a variety of settings. 
  • SEL-K2.S-M.2sm Define stress. 
  • SEL-K2.S-M.3sd Identify what it means to be responsible and list personal responsibilities. 
  • SEL-K2.S-M.4s-m Utilize self-talk for the purpose of self-motivation. 
  • SEL-K2.S-M.5gs Identify goals for academic success and classroom behavior. 
  • SEL-K2.S-M.6os Utilize prescribed routines to understand physical and mental organizational strategies.

  • SEL-EL.S-M.1ic Apply self-monitoring strategies to regulate emotions.
  • SEL-EL.S-M.2sm Identify personal stressors.
  • SEL-EL.S-M.3sd Display consistent behaviors to meet personal responsibilities.
  • SEL-EL.S-M.4s-m Identify internal and/or external motivating factors in a variety of situations.
  • SEL-EL.S-M.5gs Apply a goal setting process to work toward goal achievement (e.g. SMART).
  • SEL-EL.S-M.6os Identify strategies for planning, prioritizing and managing time.

  • SEL-MS.S-M.1ic Explain possible outcomes of expressing emotions in a various way.
  • SEL-MS.S-M.2sm Apply stress management strategies.
  • SEL-MS.S-M.3sd Display endurance when facing adversity for the purpose of personal growth.
  • SEL-MS.S-M.4s-m Display indicators of a growth mindset.
  • SEL-MS.S-M.5gs Create and monitor personal and academic goals to meet identified needs.
  • SEL-MS.S-M.6os Apply strategies for planning, prioritizing and managing time.

  • SEL-HS.S-M.1ic Apply strategies to mitigate personal response to different levels of emotions.
  • SEL-HS.S-M.2sm Create a long term plan for stress management throughout the lifespan.
  • SEL-HS.S-M.3sd Consistently apply strategies for working hard in challenging settings.
  • SEL-HS.S-M.4s-m Apply strategies for developing and maintaining a growth mindset. S-M
  • SEL-HS.S-M.5gs Create a plan for monitoring progress toward personal and academic short and long-term goal achievement.
  • SEL-HS.S-M.6os Create a plan for planning, prioritizing and managing time independently to maximize efficiency.