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Relationship Skills


The ability to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups. The ability to communicate clearly, listen well, cooperate with others, resist inappropriate social pressure, negotiate conflict constructively, and seek and offer help when needed.


  1. C Communication
  2. SE Social Engagement
  3. RB Relationship Building
  4. TW Teamwork
  5. CR Conflict Resolution

Grade Span

Students will be able to ...
  • SEL-K2.RS.1c Demonstrate verbal etiquette to foster better communication. 
  • SEL-K2.RS.2se Identify opportunities for social participation at home, school and in the community. 
  • SEL-K2.RS.3rb Describe approaches for making and keeping friends. 
  • SEL-K2.RS.4tw Demonstrate appropriate strategies for receiving feedback from others for self-improvement and to promote group effectiveness. 
  • SEL-K2.RS.5cr Identify conflict in various situations.

  • SEL-EL.RS.1c Demonstrate non-verbal etiquette to foster better communication (e.g. looking and learning, etc).
  • SEL-EL.RS.2se Analyze social situations at home, school and in the community (e.g. family meal time, free play, extracurricular activities, cances, diverse peer groups, etc).
  • SEL-EL.RS.3rb Recognize and respond to social cues in a manner that builds and maintains healthy relationships.
  • SEL-EL.RS.4tw Demonstrate appropriate strategies for providing and receiving feedback to promote group effectiveness.
  • SEL-EL.RS.5cr Differentiate between conflict and bullying.

  • SEL-MS.RS.1c Demonstrate proper etiquette when communicating electronically.
  • SEL-MS.RS.2se Demonstrate appropriate responses to social situations at home, school and in the community (e.g. family meal time, free play, extracurriculars, dances, diverse peer groups, volunteering, etc.).
  • SEL-MS.RS.3rb Explain an approach to limit setting. (e.g. Acknowledge Feelings, Communicate the limit, Target alternate).
  • SEL-MS.RS.4tw Demonstrate cooperation and teamwork to promote group effectiveness.
  • SEL-MS.RS.5cr Apply conflict resolution strategies in a variety of situations (e.g. interpersonal, intrapersonal, intragroup, intergroup).

  • SEL-HS.RS.1c Evaluate the verbal and nonverbal cues from others to create differentiated communication plans.
  • SEL-HS.RS.2se Evaluate personal engagement in social situations at home, school and in the community and create a plan for personal growth.
  • SEL-HS.RS.3rb Demonstrate a variety of strategies for collaborating with peers, adults and others in the community.
  • SEL-HS.RS.4tw Apply appropriate limit setting strategies (e.g. Acknowledge Feelings, Communicate the limit, Target alternative).
  • SEL-HS.RS.5cr Evaluate personal response to conflict and create a plan for personal growth in resolving conflict.