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Responsible Decision-Making


The ability to make constructive choices about the personal behavior and social interactions based on ethical standards, safety concerns, and social norms. The realistic evaluation of consequences of various actions, and a consideration of the wellbeing of oneself and others.


  1. IP Identifying Problems
  2. AS Analyzing Situations
  3. SP Solving Problems
  4. E&R Evaluating & Reflecting
  5. ER Ethical Responsibility 

Grade Span

Students will be able to ...

  • SEL-MS.RDM.1ip Demonstrate the ability to acknowledge problems in a variety of situations.
  • SEL-MS.RDM.2as Analyze factual information surrounding situation.
  • SEL-MS.RDM.3sp Evaluate potential solutions to problems.
  • SEL-MS.RDM.4e&r Recognize unsafe or high risk situations and utilize strategies to remove oneself.
  • SEL-MS.RDM.5er Evaluate how external influences such as media, peers, and/or cultural norms influence personal behavior.

  • SEL-HS.RDM.1ip Demonstrate the ability to accurately anticipate problems in a variety of situations.
  • SEL-HS.RDM.2as Differentiate between emotional response and factual information surrounding situations.
  • SEL-HS.RDM.3sp Create a plan to apply the most appropriate solution to problems.
  • SEL-HS.RDM.4e&r Analyze how current choices affect one's future.
  • SEL-HS.RDM.5er Apply moral, personal, an ethical standards when making decisions.