Does Geography Determine Destiny?


Organized Religion

Religion is one of the defining factors of being a civilization. The religious system found in Mesopotamia had a very deep influence on everyday life. The people of Mesopotamia tried to please their gods, from tilling fields to serving in government. Religion bound the people together in a way that nothing else would.

Mesopotamia Religions
Image Source: center for all religious expressions was temples and religious towers, ziggurats, that were built in the center of all city-states. Ziggurats were the largest building; some could be seen for many miles away. The people believed that the god of their city-state lived in the ziggurat.

The Mesopotamian culture believed in over 1,000 gods and goddesses in their faith. They believed that the beginning of the world was a victory of the gods over evil spirits. Through daily rituals, funeral practices, civic duty, and many other aspects of everyday life, people felt that they could help control the balance of good over evil. In conjunction with daily rituals, the people held great honor for elders and were to treat people with respect. Doing this and honoring the gods was the primary way to show and keep their faith.

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