Does Geography Determine Destiny?


What Happened?

So what happened to the people of the Indus River Valley? Historians have come with several possible answers to explain the disappearance of these people. It is possible that one, or all, of these was responsible for the decline. Many historians believe that there was some sort of natural disaster that drove the people from this land. Some believe it was a great flood or possibly even an earthquake as both happen regularly in this region. Other historians believe that they were invaded, conquered, or driven out by a group from the north known as the Aryans. Later Hindu texts, written in a language we can decipher, describe how indigenous people were driven out of the land; it is possible that they mean the people of the Indus River Valley. The last possible reason is a collapse in their agricultural system. Whether they over-farmed the land or suffered from natural disasters, it is possible that their food supply collapsed thus bringing about their end.

The Indus River Valley civilization is one of the most interesting and curious of all of the early River Valley civilizations. While archaeological evidence points to the fact that they were highly sophisticated and organized, our lack of understanding of their written language prevents us to gain a full understanding of this civilization. Hopefully, in time, historians can uncover more evidence and attempt to answer the questions surrounding this great civilization