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Grade 8

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Grade Level LogoIn 8th grade, students apply skills they learned in AVID.


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 AVI-08.SA Grade 6Student Agency Domain

AVI-08.SA.01: Student Empowerment
AVI-8.SA.01.a Explore and pursue leadership opportunities in extracurricular and community service activities within the school and local and/or global community
AVI-8.SA.01.b Evaluate the impact of decisions on the world
AVI-8.SA.01.c Effectively manage stress and anxiety levels, including areas such as test preparation and test taking
AVI-8.SA.01.d Create a systematic decision-making model for personal financial decisions and circumstances
AVI-8.SA.01.e Maintain a strong support network for academic and career success
AVI-8.SA.01.f Identify mentors to influence, support, and guide future transitions and success
AVI-8.SA.01.g Apply strategies to support motivation, especially when lacking intrinsic motivation
AVI-8.SA.01.h Strengthen ability to self-advocate related to areas of need
AVI-8.SA.01.i Leverage support network to assist with areas of need
AVI-8.SA.01.j Reflect on current status and skills to strengthen mental flexibility now and in the future
AVI-8.SA.01.k Recognize and overcome obstacles that could hinder future success
AVI-08.SA.01.l Apply self-awareness strategies and skills with a variety of academic challenges
AVI-8.SA.01.m Employ key learning points in real-world applications
AVI-08.SA.02: Leadership of Others
AVI-8.SA.02.a Assess personal traits connected to integrity and ethical leadership
AVI-8.SA.02.b Pursue leadership and/or mentorship opportunities in the school and community
AVI-8.SA.02.c Reflect on conflict situations to strengthen ability to deal with the emotions that accompany conflict in leadership roles

AVI-08.AP Grade 6Academic Preparedness Domain

AVI-08.AP.01: Writing
AVI-08.AP.01.a Develop writing skills related to timed, argumentative, and descriptive modes of writing
AVI-8.AP.01.b Gather information related to the writing prompt to generate a bank of resources and information
AVI-8.AP.01.c Compose first drafts with a focus on establishing a clear purpose for the writing
AVI-08.AP.01.d Utilize inquiry strategies to develop additional questions as needed
AVI-8.AP.01.e Independently create and execute a plan for the revision process
AVI-8.AP.01.f Analyze the language of writing and edit for voice, flow, and clarity
AVI-8.AP.01.g Publish writing to an audience outside of the classroom, such as an online forum
AVI-08.AP.01.h Take notes with an emphasis on selecting the appropriate format for note-taking based on the note-taking objective
AVI-8.AP.01.i Take notes with an emphasis on using strategies to organize notes (e.g., indentation, bullets, outlines, skipping lines, color-coding)
AVI-08.AP.01.j Reflect on how notes help to meet the learning objective and contribute to academic and personal success
AVI-08.AP.02: Inquiry
AVI-08.AP.02.a Use questioning techniques to think critically about content and concepts
AVI-08.AP.02.b Generate questions based on a misunderstood concept or problem
AVI-8.AP.02.c Determine modifications to the process that would be needed to solve similar problems
AVI-8.AP.02.d Reflect on learning to make connections between new learning and the broader world
AVI-8.AP.02.e Reflect throughout learning on progress and continually adjust actions on major tasks or assignments
AVI-08.AP.02.f Reflect throughout a process on progress and continually adjust actions
AVI-8.AP.02.g Develop research questions/claim statements that effectively address the research prompt
AVI-8.AP.02.h Determine the perspective, validity, and reliability of information found within sources with the use of multiple sources (such as books, articles, and websites)
AVI-8.AP.02.i Synthesize information, sources, and data that support the research prompt
AVI-08.AP.02.j Construct written claims and support them with reasoning and evidence
AVI-8.AP.02.k Publish research to an audience outside of the classroom
AVI-08.AP.03: Collaboration
AVI-8.AP.03.a Negotiate roles within a collaborative group through the adoption of effective elements of collaboration
AVI-08.AP.03.b Integrate multiple perspectives into group products
AVI-08.AP.03.c Deepen relational capacity through the creation of novel ideas and solutions
AVI-08.AP.03.d Interact with peers in complex situations while maintaining a focus on respect, trust, and empathy
AVI-8.AP.03.e Support all group members’ understanding of key concepts
AVI-8.AP.03.f Utilize technology to connect to the global community and to explore topics from multiple perspectives
AVI-08.AP.03.g Adjust ineffective verbal and nonverbal communication into effective communication
AVI-08.AP.03.h Demonstrate active listening by asking clarifying questions
AVI-8.AP.03.i Demonstrate command of grammar when communicating
AVI-08.AP.03.j Speak effectively before the whole class
AVI-08.AP.04: Organization
AVI-08.AP.04.a Develop efficient, individualized routines related to using organizational tools and planning strategies to enhance academic performance
AVI-8.AP.04.b Reflect on the use of an activity log or tracking system for community extracurricular activities and hours
AVI-8.AP.04.c Understand and demonstrate the concepts and practices of backward mapping
AVI-08.AP.04.d Identify upcoming events to proactively avoid time-management conflicts
AVI-08.AP.04.e Create short- and mid-range goals that support achievement of long-term goals
AVI-8.AP.04.f Modify goals and actions appropriately based on progress
AVI-8.AP.04.g Manage varied visual frameworks to organize language and show relationships between key concepts
AVI-08.AP.05: Reading
AVI-8.AP.05.a Select texts and justify how they meet the reading purpose
AVI-8.AP.05.b Build background knowledge related to the text preview
AVI-08.AP.05.c Connect vocabulary within texts to broader concepts in the text
AVI-08.AP.05.d Create text-dependent questions while reading that align with the reading purpose
AVI-08.AP.05.e Extend beyond the text by analyzing how to best apply key learning

AVI-08.OK Grade 6Opportunity Knowledge Domain

AVI-08.OK.01: Advancing College Preparedness
AVI-8.OK.1.a Refine key personal attributes for academic, social, and financial fit related to college selection
AVI-08.OK.01.b Reflect on current GPA and how it relates to choosing a college and career path
AVI-08.OK.01.c Compare various college campus structures, services, and opportunities
AVI-8.OK.1.d Research and evaluate scholarship offerings, including FAFSA
AVI-08.OK.01.e Produce long-term academic plans that align with goals
AVI-08.OK.01.f Plan for a successful transition to the next step in the academic journey
AVI-8.OK.1.g Gain exposure to pathways offering work opportunities (credentials, certifications, internships, etc.)
AVI-8.OK.1.h Engage in information gathering to determine match, reach, and safety schools in order to mitigate “summer melt” and under matching during the selection process
AVI-8.OK.1.i Determine whether additional test prep and testing is needed to reach scholarships goals
AVI-08.OK.02: Building Career Knowledge
AVI-08.OK.02.a Develop an authentic and personal definition of success
AVI-08.OK.02.b Refine key personal attributes for academic, social, and financial fit related to career selection
AVI-8.OK.2.c Gain awareness of how academic performance links to career performance and success
AVI-08.OK.02.d Expand thinking about potential career fields by encouraging discovery of a variety of career fields and the opportunities therein
AVI-8.OK.2.e Develop knowledge and gain exposure to transitional phases related to work life
AVI-08.OK.02.f Identify best-fit career fields based on academic, social, and financial fit to develop short- and long-term career pathways
AVI-8.OK.2.g Engage in real-world experiences within career fields of interest, such as service learning projects, job-shadowing opportunities, or internship possibilities.