BPS AVID Standards Book



  MS Grade Level logo Student Empowerment

6th Grade AVI-06.SA.01

AVI-06.SA.01.k Explore the relationship between grit and perseverance
AVI-06.SA.01.m Identify individual strengths and areas of challenge related to academic skills and performance

7th Grade AVI-07.SA.01

AVI-07.SA.01.d Identify areas that need attention and develop goals to address those areas
AVI-07.SA.01.i Determine personal levels of grit and perseverance in relation to growth mindset
AVI-07.SA.01.j Establish self-awareness strategies and skills, including SLANT

7th Grade AVI-08.SA.01

AVI-08.SA.01.l Apply self-awareness strategies and skills with a variety of academic challenges

  MS Grade Level logo Leadership of Others

6th Grade AVI-06.SA.02

No Sub-Standards Identified

7th Grade AVI-07.SA.02

AVI-07.SA.02.d Transform passive and aggressive statements into constructive, assertive statements

7th Grade AVI-08.SA.02

No Sub-Standards Identified