BPS AVID Standards Book



  MS Grade Level logo Writing

6th Grade AVI-06.AP.01

AVI-06.AP.01.a Develop writing skills related to argumentative and narrative modes of writing
AVI-06.AP.01.i Take notes with an emphasis on identifying and recording the note-taking objective and/or Essential Question
AVI-06.AP.01.j Take notes with an emphasis on setting up notes, including all required components
AVI-06.AP.01.k Summarize by pulling together the most important information related to the objective and/or Essential Question

7th Grade AVI-07.AP.01

AVI-07.AP.01.a Develop writing skills related to descriptive and expository modes of writing
AVI-07.AP.01.d Analyze a writing task to determine the purpose, format/style, and audience
AVI-07.AP.01.g Publish writing to entire class, such as an oral presentation
AVI-07.AP.01.h Take notes with an emphasis on recording main ideas and important information

7th Grade AVI-08.AP.01

AVI-08.AP.01.a Develop writing skills related to timed, argumentative, and descriptive modes of writing
AVI-08.AP.01.d Utilize inquiry strategies to develop additional questions as needed
AVI-08.AP.01.h Take notes with an emphasis on selecting the appropriate format for note-taking based on the note-taking objective
AVI-08.AP.01.j Reflect on how notes help to meet the learning objective and contribute to academic and personal success

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6th Grade AVI-06.AP.02

AVI-06.AP.02.a Create questions based on Costa’s Levels of Thinking
AVI-06.AP.02.h Analyze a research prompt
AVI-06.AP.02.m Publish research to a small group audience within the classroom, such as a formal written paper

7th Grade AVI-07.AP.02

AVI-07.AP.02.b Identify the specific point of confusion related to a misunderstood concept or problem
AVI-07.AP.02.i Organize information, sources, and data that support the research prompt
AVI-07.AP.02.k Publish research to entire class, such as an oral presentation

7th Grade AVI-08.AP.02

AVI-08.AP.02.a Use questioning techniques to think critically about content and concepts
AVI-08.AP.02.b Generate questions based on a misunderstood concept or problem
AVI-08.AP.02.f Reflect throughout a process on progress and continually adjust actions
AVI-08.AP.02.j Construct written claims and support them with reasoning and evidence

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6th Grade AVI-06.AP.03

AVI-06.AP.03.c Develop a foundational familiarity and comfort with classmates
AVI-06.AP.03.g Apply basic understanding of effective public speaking
AVI-06.AP.03.h Incorporate visual aids and/or technology when appropriate

7th Grade AVI-07.AP.03

AVI-07.AP.03.e Ask clarifying questions to group members to facilitate understanding
AVI-07.AP.03.g Distinguish between effective and ineffective language during interactions
AVI-07.AP.03.h Refine usage of nonverbal communication when speaking, including body language and eye contact
AVI-07.AP.03.i Demonstrate active listening skills during academic conversations
AVI-07.AP.03.k Speak effectively before small groups of peers

7th Grade AVI-08.AP.03

AVI-08.AP.03.b Integrate multiple perspectives into group products
AVI-08.AP.03.c Deepen relational capacity through the creation of novel ideas and solutions
AVI-08.AP.03.d Interact with peers in complex situations while maintaining a focus on respect, trust, and empathy
AVI-08.AP.03.g Adjust ineffective verbal and nonverbal communication into effective communication
AVI-08.AP.03.h Demonstrate active listening by asking clarifying questions
AVI-08.AP.03.j Speak effectively before the whole class

  MS Grade Level logo Organization

6th Grade AVI-06.AP.04

AVI-06.AP.04.a Begin implementing organizational tools that support academic success
AVI-06.AP.04.c Explore a variety of organizational formats for calendaring/planning
AVI-06.AP.04.f Set personal, academic, and career goals

7th Grade AVI-07.AP.04

AVI-07.AP.04.a Refine usage of organizational tools and systems that support academic success
AVI-07.AP.04.c Utilize an organizational tool to record obligations and constraints on time
AVI-07.AP.04.e Identify the steps necessary to accomplish goals

7th Grade AVI-08.AP.04

AVI-08.AP.04.a Develop efficient, individualized routines related to using organizational tools and planning strategies to enhance academic performance
AVI-08.AP.04.d Identify upcoming events to proactively avoid time-management conflicts
AVI-08.AP.04.e Create short- and mid-range goals that support achievement of long-term goals

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6th Grade AVI-06.AP.05

AVI-06.AP.05.e Mark the text to accomplish the reading purpose
AVI-06.AP.05.g Extend beyond the text by applying key learning

7th Grade AVI-07.AP.05

AVI-07.AP.05.e Mark the text to accomplish the reading purpose through the lens of a content expert
AVI-07.AP.05.f Extend beyond the text by evaluating and synthesizing key learning

7th Grade AVI-08.AP.05

AVI-08.AP.05.c Connect vocabulary within texts to broader concepts in the text
AVI-08.AP.05.d Create text-dependent questions while reading that align with the reading purpose
AVI-08.AP.05.e Extend beyond the text by analyzing how to best apply key learning