BPS AVID Standards Book



  MS Grade Level logo Advancing College Preparedness

6th Grade AVI-06.OK.01

AVI-06.OK.01.b Know how to determine GPA
AVI-06.OK.01.c Develop familiarity with college terminology

7th Grade AVI-07.OK.01

AVI-07.OK.01.b Explore the significance of GPA at different stages of the academic journey
AVI-07.OK.01.c Explore college options and terminology
AVI-07.OK.01.f Determine which courses or opportunities align with college goals and plans
AVI-07.OK.01.i Prepare for college entrance exams

7th Grade AVI-08.OK.01

AVI-08.OK.01.b Reflect on current GPA and how it relates to choosing a college and career path
AVI-08.OK.01.c Compare various college campus structures, services, and opportunities
AVI-08.OK.01.e Produce long-term academic plans that align with goals
AVI-08.OK.01.f Plan for a successful transition to the next step in the academic journey

  MS Grade Level logo Building Career Knowledge

6th Grade AVI-06.OK.02

AVI-06.OK.02.a Identify personal interests and skills related to future career aspirations

7th Grade AVI-07.OK.02

AVI-07.OK.02.b Explore career fields and career pathways, including what resources and opportunities are available locally
AVI-07.OK.02.c Investigate best-fit career fields based on academic, social, and financial fit

7th Grade AVI-08.OK.02

AVI-08.OK.02.a Develop an authentic and personal definition of success
AVI-08.OK.02.b Refine key personal attributes for academic, social, and financial fit related to career selection
AVI-08.OK.02.d Expand thinking about potential career fields by encouraging discovery of a variety of career fields and the opportunities therein
AVI-08.OK.02.f Identify best-fit career fields based on academic, social, and financial fit to develop short- and long-term career pathways