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The product of high school journalism classes, in many cases a yearbook or newspaper, is more than central purpose of a scholastic journalism program. Instead, it’s about the process, how students engage and work together at a high level of responsibility. Teachers encourage students forward with use of innovation in the classroom as journalism and communications are adapting to massive technological change.

ELA-SP.OC (OC) Oral Communication

    • ELA-SP.OC.01 Students will organize, compose, and deliver messages effectively.
    • ELA-SP.OC.02 Students will paraphrase information and acknowledge opinions and differences when necessary.
    • ELA-SP.OC.03 Students will utilize a variety of methods to create and prepare a speech for delivery (e.g. develop a speaking outline).
    • ELA-SP.OC.04 Students will utilize a variety a variety of communication methods to deliver speeches (e.g. adapt one’s delivery for informative and persuasive speeches).

ELA-SP.IL (IL) Information Literacy

    • ELA-SP.IL.01 Students will find and evaluate information resources.
    • ELA-SP.IL.02 Students will integrate and acknowledge sources in their speeches.

ELA-SP.TW (TW) Team Work

    • ELA-SP.TW.01 Students will learn to work collaboratively with others.
    • ELA-SP.TW.02 Students will evaluate a variety of speeches in order to distinguish characteristics of effective and ineffective communication.
      • ELA-SP.TW.02.a Students will learn to effectively critique others’ speeches (e.g. peer critique).
      • ELA-SP.TW.02.b Students will apply effective characteristics to their own public speaking.