BPS District Social Studies Standards Book

K-12 Grade Bands

- 3rd Grade Prioritized

A high-quality Social Studies program is essential for all students. It provides a foundation for intelligent and precise thinking. Social Studies should also prepare every student to contribute to society as an informed citizen. To be a responsible and productive member of today’s society, a student needs to have a broad, connected, and useful knowledge of Social Studies.

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C iconSST-03.C: Civics & Government (C)

  • SST-03.C.01  Compare and contrast the responsibilities and powers of government officials at various levels and branches of government.
  • SST-03.C.02  Describe the structure of government and how it functions to serve citizens/residents.
  • SST-03.C.05  Describe procedures for making decisions in a variety of settings.
  • SST-03.C.06  Compare and contrast personal and civic responsibilities and explain why they are important in community life.

G iconSST-03.G: Geography (G)

  • SST-03.G.01 Construct maps, graphs, and other representations of both familiar and unfamiliar places.
  • SST-03.G.02 Use geographic tools and technologies to acquire, process and report information from a spatial perspectives.

E iconSST-03.E: Economics (E)

  • SST-03.E.01 Utilize fundamental principles and concepts of economics to understand economic activity.
  • SST-03.E.02 Describe how goods and services are produced and distributed.
  • SST-03.E.03 Identify factors that influence saving and spending choices.
  • SST-03.E.04 Describe the necessity and impact of community services.

H iconSST-03.H: History (H)

  • SST-03.H.01 Compare and contrast multiple perspectives during the same time period, event, or historical period.
  • SST-03.H.04 Analyze United States national holidays or days of observance and the impact on the culture of the United States.