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S-M LogoSEL-K2.SeM Self-Management

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SST-00.E.03 Identify consumer decisions and the difference between needs and wants.
SST-00.C.06 Describe important rights and responsibilities of citizens/residents.
SST-00.C.01 Explain reasons for, and purposes of, rules, laws, and positions of authority.
SST-01.C.01 Explain reasons for, and purposes of rules, laws, and positions of authority
SST-01.C.06 Describe important rights and responsibilities of citizens/residents.

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PED-00.S4.03 Follows instructions/directions when prompted.
PED-01.S4.01 Accepts personal responsibility by using equipment and space appropriately.
PED-01.S4.05 Exhibits the established prtocols for class activities.
PED-01.S5.02 Recognizes that challenge in physical activities can lead to improvement.
PED-01.S5.02a Describes positive feelings that result from participating inphysical activities.
PED-01.S5.03b Discusses personal reasons for enjoying physical activities. (the why)
PED-02.S2.03 Varies time and force with gradual increases and decreases.
PED-02.S4 or-Accepts responsibility for class protocols with behavior and performance actions.
PED-02.S4.01 Practices skills and minimal teacher prompting.
PED-02.S4.05 Recognizes the role of rules and etiquette in teacher-designed physical activities.
PED-02.s4.06a Works independently and safely in physical education.
PED-02.s4.06b Works safely with physical education equipment.

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HTL-K2.s1.06 Explain how responsibility changes as we grow older.
HTL-K2.s4.02 Demonstrate listening skills to enhance health.
HTL-K2.s7.01 Demonstrate healthy practices and behaviors to maintain or improve personal health.
HTL-K2.s7.02 Demonstrate behaviors that avoid or reduce health risks.

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MUS-01.Pr.051a With limited guidance, apply personal, teacher, and apeer feedback to refine performances.
MUS-01.Pr.061a With limited guidancek perform music for a specific purpose with expression.
MUS-01.Pr.06.1b Perform appropriately for the audience and purpose.
MUS-01.Cn.11.1a Make connections among the arts and other disciplines which strengthen learning and transfer knowledge and skills to and from other fields.

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CSC-00.DC_RU.1 Discuss positive and negative behaviors when using electronic communication #1
CSC-00.DC_SE.1 With guidance, use technology in safe and correct ways #1
CSC-01.DC_SE.1 Identify how to use technology in safe and correct ways #1
CSC-01.DC_RU.4 Comply with Acceptable Use policies #1
CSC-02.DC_RU.4 Comply with Acceptable Use Policies #1
CSC-02.DC_SE.1 Explain how to use technology in safe and correct ways #1
K-5.RU.5 Comply with Acceptable Use Policies*. #3