BPS District Social Studies Standards Book

K-12 Grade Levels

Grade 06


glossary icon6th Grade Social Studies
"I can ... statements"

Sixth GradeIn 6th grade, your child will be studying the Ancient World, which introducing students to the beginnings of the human story. As they explore the great early civilizations of Egypt and the Near East, India, China, Greece, and Rome, students discover the secrets of these ancient cultures that continue to influence the Medieval World.

SST-06.1 Standard 1:

Skills and Resources

    • SST-06.1.01 Primary and secondary resources to gather/interpret information
    • SST-06.1.02 Construct, compare, and interpret complex time lines
    • SST-06.1.03 Geographic tools/concepts to locate/describe physical features


SST-06.2 Standard 2:

Important Historical Events

    • SST-06.2.01 Investigate and explain scientific evidence and discoveries related to early hominid development
    • SST-06.2.02 Identify the features and accomplishments of hunter-gatherer communit
    • SST-06.2.03 Trace the emergence of agriculture and its effect on early human comm
    • SST-06.2.04 Identify the features of Mesopotamian civilization and its contributions to the modern world
    • SST-06.2.05 Egyptian civilization and its contributions to the modern world
    • SST-06.2.06 Identify the features of Indian civilization and its contributions to
    • SST-06.2.07 Identify the features of classical Chinese civilization and its contr
    • SST-06.2.08 Identify the featuresof Central American civilizations and their cont
    • SST-06.2.09 Identify the features and accomplishments of classical Greek civiliza
    • SST-06.2.10 Compare the emergence, central leaders, beliefs, and traditions of major religions and philosophies
    • SST-06.2.11 Identify the accomplishments of Roman civilization, and the factors t
    • SST-06.2.12 Describe the social, political, and economic characteristics of life in the Middle Ages
    • SST-06.2.13 Describe the influences of the Roman Catholic Church and its effect on the structure of society
    • SST-06.2.14 Describe the causes and effects of the Crusades


SST-06.3 Standard 3:

Economic Concepts

    • SST-06.3.01 Explain how non-economic factors influenced economic behaviors and de
    • SST-06.3.02 Trace the development of civilizations from hunting/gathering based societies
    • SST-06.3.03 Describe how advances in technology impacted productivity


SST-06.4 Standard 4:

Government and Citizenship

    • SST-06.4.01 Explain why government became necessary in ancient civilizations
    • SST-06.4.02 Describe how different forms of government distributed power within a


SST-06.5 Standard 5:

Concepts of Geography

    • SST-06.5.01 Identify geographic similarities of early civilizations
    • SST-06.5.02 Explain the factors that influenced the growth of cities


SST-06.6 Standard 6:

Human Development and Behavior

    • SST-06.6.01 Compare how culture influences relationships, religion, and social institutions in various societies
    • SST-06.6.02 Explain how differences among cultures often result in conflict