BPS District Social Studies Standards Book

K-12 Grade Levels

Grade 07


glossary icon7th Grade Social Studies
"I can ... statements"

Seventh GradeIn 7th grade, your child will be studying Global Studies. A high-quality Social Studies program is essential for all students. It provides a foundation for intelligent and precise thinking. Social Studies should also prepare every student to contribute to society as an informed citizen. To be a responsible and productive member of today’s society, a student needs to have a broad, connected, and useful knowledge of Social Studies.

SST-07.1 Standard 1:

Skills and Resources

    • SST-07.1.01 Explain different uses of maps
    • SST-07.1.02 Identify purposes, distinguishing characteristics, and limitations of different map projections
    • SST-07.1.03 Interpret world maps, charts, graphs, and diagrams to acquire information about people, places, and environments
    • SST-07.1.04 Construct geographic tools to illustrate understanding of people, pl
    • SST-07.1.05 Create mental maps of the world that demonstrate understanding of relative location, direction, size, and shape
    • SST-07.1.06 Use maps to find location, calculate scale, and distinguish other geographic relationships
    • SST-07.1.07 Interpret and analyze primary and secondary sources
    • SST-07.1.08 Apply research skills to answer questions


SST-07.2 Standard 2:

Important Historical Events

    • SST-07.2.01 Identify major historical events and issues within regions of the w
    • SST-07.2.02 Describe events and issues affecting the world today


SST-07.3 Standard 3:

Economic Concepts

    • SST-07.3.01 Identify how people organize for the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services
    • SST-07.3.02 Differentiate among currency values and their exchange rates
    • SST-07.3.03 Explain patterns and networks of economic and global interdependence
    • SST-07.3.04 Identify ways to measure economic progress


SST-07.4 Standard 4:

Government and Citizenship

    • SST-07.4.01 Compare the rights and responsibilities of citizens from a variety of countries
    • SST-07.4.02 Explain how people create and change structures of power


SST-07.5 Standard 5:

Concepts of Geography

    • SST-07.5.01 Identify current countries and principal physical features of the wo
    • SST-07.5.02 Use geographic tools to interpret the past, present, and the future
    • SST-07.5.03 Explain how physical processes effect Earth's physical features and e
    • SST-07.5.04 Explain how and why maps and regions change
    • SST-07.5.05 Explain how human modifications affect the physical environment
    • SST-07.5.06 Explain how physical systems affect human systems
    • SST-07.5.07 Explain changes that occur in the use, distribution, and importance o


SST-07.6 Standard 6:

Human Development and Behavior

    • SST-07.6.01 Identify principles governing individual and group behavior within so
    • SST-07.6.02 Explain how individuals and institutions influence one another
    • SST-07.6.03 Compare how cultures throughout the world meet human needs and concerns
    • SST-07.6.04 Explain how push and pull factors rearrange and create new human language
    • SST-07.6.05 Explain how rivalry and tension between cultures contribute to world conflict