BPS District Social Studies Standards Book

SST Standards

Standard 4:

Standard 4 Government IconGovernment and Citizenship

Students understand the development, functions, and forms of various political institutions and the role of the citizen in government and society.


SST-00.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship


First Grade

SST-01.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-01.4.01 Apply good citizenship in the school environment
    • SST-01.4.02 Explain the purpose for rules in home, school, and community


Second Grade

SST-02.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-02.4.01 Identify roles and responsibilities of leaders in the home, school, and community
    • SST-02.4.02 Compare the relationship between rules and laws in home, school, and community


Third Grade

SST-03.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-03.4.01 Identify the roles, rights, and responsibilities of a citizen in a community
    • SST-03.4.02 Identify the three branches of local government
    • SST-03.4.03 Explain the rule-making process and its purpose in the school


Fourth Grade

SST-04.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-04.4.01 Identify the roles, rights, and responsibilities of a citizen in North Dakota
    • SST-04.4.02 Identify the basic roles of the three branches of North Dakota government
    • SST-04.4.03 Identify the characteristics of a sovereign nation in terms of tribal government in North Dakota


Fifth Grade

SST-05.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-05.4.01 Identify the roles, rights, and responsibilities of U.S. citizens in a democratic society
    • SST-05.4.02 Identify the duties of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the Federal government
    • SST-05.4.03 Identify the purpose and importance behind documents leading up to the writing of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    • SST-05.4.04 Explain why the United States government is necessary


6th Grade

SST-06.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-06.4.01 Explain why government became necessary in ancient civilizations
    • SST-06.4.02 Describe how different forms of government distributed power within a


7th Grade

SST-07.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-07.4.01 Compare the rights and responsibilities of citizens from a variety of countries
    • SST-07.4.02 Explain how people create and change structures of power


8th Grade

SST-08.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-08.4.01 Explain the connections between the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
    • SST-08.4.02 Explain the demise of the Articles of Confederation which led to th
    • SST-08.4.03 Explain how the United States Constitution and Amendments influence society
    • SST-08.4.04 xplain the political party process at the local, state, and national level
    • SST-08.4.05 Describe the relationship of branches of the government at all level
    • SST-08.4.06 Compare the functions and structure of local, state, tribal, and federal governments within North Dakota


High School

SST-HS.4 Standard 4: Government and Citizenship

    • SST-HS.4.01 Explain how political and economic forces have affected the sovereignty of tribal nations
    • SST-HS.4.02 Compare the nature and source of various types of political entities past and present throughout the world
    • SST-HS.4.03 Analyze the content and context of documents, events, and organizations that influenced and established the United States
    • SST-HS.4.04 Evaluate the effectiveness of structures, operations, and influences of political systems and constitutional governments
    • SST-HS.4.05 Analyze historical and contemporary examples of civil liberties and civil rights in the U.S.
    • SST-HS.4.06 Evaluate the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and civic participation