BPS District Social Studies Standards Book

SST Standards

Standard 5:

SST Standard 5 Geography ConceptsConcepts of Geography

Students understand and apply concepts of geography.


SST-00.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography


First Grade

SST-01.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography


Second Grade

SST-02.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography

    • SST-02.5.01 Identify North America, South America, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean on a map or globe


Third Grade

SST-03.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography

    • SST-03.5.01 Identify the physical characteristics of the local community
    • SST-03.5.02 Identify the seven continents, four oceans, and major nations of the world
    • SST-03.5.03 Describe ways geography has affected the development of community


Fourth Grade

SST-04.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography

    • SST-04.5.01 Identify the physical features and relative locations of the major land forms
    • SST-04.5.02 Identify the political regions of the United States
    • SST-04.5.03 Identify the location and characteristics of significant features of North Dakota
    • SST-04.5.04 Explain how the physical environment affects human activity in ND
    • SST-04.5.05 Identify different patterns of land use in North Dakota
    • SST-04.5.06 Describe ways geography has affected the development of ND


Fifth Grade

SST-05.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography

    • SST-05.5.01 Explain the impact of climate, geography, and available resources on the daily lives of Native Americans
    • SST-05.5.02 Explain the impact of geography on western exploration and westward migration in the early nineteenth century
    • SST-05.5.03 Explain how human activity affects the physical environment


6th Grade

SST-06.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography

    • SST-06.5.01 Identify geographic similarities of early civilizations
    • SST-06.5.02 Explain the factors that influenced the growth of cities


7th Grade

SST-07.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography

    • SST-07.5.01 Identify current countries and principal physical features of the wo
    • SST-07.5.02 Use geographic tools to interpret the past, present, and the future
    • SST-07.5.03 Explain how physical processes effect Earth's physical features and e
    • SST-07.5.04 Explain how and why maps and regions change
    • SST-07.5.05 Explain how human modifications affect the physical environment
    • SST-07.5.06 Explain how physical systems affect human systems
    • SST-07.5.07 Explain changes that occur in the use, distribution, and importance o


8th Grade

SST-08.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography

    • SST-08.5.01 Describe the location and characteristics of the three regions of North Dakota including the Red River Valley, the Drift Prairie, and the Missouri Plateau
    • SST-08.5.02 Describe the characteristics, distribution, and effects of human migration within the United States during different time periods
    • SST-08.5.03 Compare human characteristics of places and regions


High School

SST-HS.5 Standard 5: Concepts of Geography

    • SST-HS.5.01 Analyze the Earth's human systems
    • SST-HS.5.02 Interpret the relationships between physical environments and society