BPS Glossary

Learning Excellence

Authentic Learning

Bismarck Public Schools believes authentic experiences empower learners to develop agency, efficiency, and passion.

Effective Teaching

Bismarck Public Schools believes that all learners deserve effective teaching that supports them in growing to their full potential.

Grade Inflation

*definition of grade inflation*

Learning Excellence

Bismarck Public Schools is a place where learners are motivated to learn and grow because experiences for each individual are matched to their level, style, strengths and interests.   All learners are empowered, committed, and deeply  reflective, and we work collaboratively to advance our knowledge and skills.

Strategic Priorities under Learning Excellence Include:

  • MTSS-A
  • Standards-based education
  • Effective Teaching
  • Personalization
  • Authentic Learning


Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Academics (MTSS-A)
Bismarck Public Schools believes in nurturing and empowering all learners to be choice-ready.  This is accomplished by providing strong core instruction, intervention, and enrichment responsive to student need.


Bismarck Public Schools believes personalization honors who learners are, how they learn, and what they aspire to do. 

standards-based education

Bismarck Public Schools believes standards drive instruction and that all students need to meet or exceed proficiency on North Dakota state standards.