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Communication with stakeholders is key.  Parents want to understand the purpose and use of technology in your school, and teachers may need help establishing a clear vision for how 1:1 can add efficiency and value to their work with students.  Both stakeholder groups are also counting on you to communicate logistics around receiving and returning devices (including early dismissal and transfer students).

As a building administrator, you may also be called upon to make decisions regarding issuing, waiving, or adjusting bills for repairs where necessary.  Please reference question below regarding lost, stolen or damaged devices.

Please feel free to adapt and use this sample letter to parents which includes some important parent FAQs, as well as some general information about our goals for student technology use.   

    In addition to the communication of logistics mentioned above, school-wide behavioral expectations for students should be clearly established and communicated.  You might consider engaging the same team or process that you use to establish hallway, bathroom, and other behavioral expectations to draft and communicate school-wide behavioral expectations for district-owned student devices.

    Other policies you may wish to establish (or facilitate the establishment of) and communicate may include policies for students who forget their device/charger, procedures for when/how devices are returned in the case of early dismissals and transfers, appropriate responses to violations of the responsible use policy.

    Teachers may also want support and guidance as they adapt their classrooms to figure out how to make the best use of this resource.  While you may not necessarily be the one to give that guidance, please encourage teachers to take advantage of the support offered by instructional strategists, library media specialists, and technology techs and project leads in your building.

    You may also wish to keep in mind that teachers may need or be requesting supplies to support sustained operations in their classrooms (power strips, storage containers, cabinets etc.).

    If the device is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, parents/guardians will be responsible for the replacement cost of a new device, just as they are responsible for lost or stolen textbooks. If the device is damaged due to negligence and not covered by the warranty, parents will be responsible for the cost of the repair. Every Chromebook will contain an asset tag and become part of the district google management program for identification purposes and to help prevent devices from being lost or stolen.

    Student responsibility for any accidental damage will be determined by the building administrator on a case-by-case basis.

    Please feel free to use this sample student handbook language which reflects this policy.

    Chromebooks at the 5th grade level are purchased new and specifically for an identified student. These are not shared devices. The individual student owner is responsible for the care of his/her device and will be taking that same device with them into middle school.

    Technology project leads and techs will work collaboratively with your identified building team to ensure that each Chromebook is physically assessed yearly prior to S2 finals.

    After this assessment, summer collection policies and/or recommendations are to be determined at the building level.

    The computer should be locked within the Google Admin Console to prevent future logins.

    If the chromebook was stolen, the student’s family should file a police report.

    How to Lock/Unlock a Chromebook

    • Physical computers/devices (district-owned) can be searched on site (BPS).
    • At least two staff members (which could include SRO and a staff member) must be present for the search.
    • Student or employee may or may not be present but must be logged in with their username and password.
    Although the current model is for student devices to remain at the school for K-8 students, principals can arrange for individual students to check out their device for home use on a case-by-case basis.

    Please use this K-8 Computer Home Checkout document when allowing K-8 students to take their device home. It contains some important information, as well as a signature field for K-8 parents and students to sign.   

      • Searches of physical computer or online accounts without user specific credentials.

        • The first option (employee/student logging in with their own credentials) is always best.  When passwords need to be changed (for students) much of the history is deleted/reset as part of the Chrome security methodology.

        • This option requires the completion of the search approval form with signature of Sup/Assistant Sup or designee.

        • Complete search form should be copied with one given to the technology staff member (Tanna, Casey, Jen).  The original goes on file with Dawn Brown.

        • Search is performed and if potential search criteria information is found the SRO or requestor is notified and can look at the results.

        • If the information discovered via the search is needed as a physical file to be used off-site by the SRO or PD then a search warrant or subpoena is required.

      • When a device or file is moved off-site by the SRO a search warrant or subpoena is required.

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