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Just to highlight a few:

  • Expands learning beyond the school building and school day
  • Supports the concept that students become responsible for their own learning
  • Enhances differentiation potential and targets a variety of learning modalities and styles
  • Allows students more opportunities to use higher order thinking skills
  • Provides access to experts such as authors, scientists and professors
  • Provides our students and teachers with updated information and valuable research tools

Remember, though, that this is merely potential. Students are counting on us as educators to work collaboratively to design, model, and create opportunities for these things to happen!

As teachers, it is our responsibility to facilitate purposeful use of technology.  The goal is to create high quality learning experiences infused with the dynamic use of technology; resulting in personally relevant student learning.   Blended learning is a team sport. By creating an intentional shift to an online environment for a portion of the day, teachers can create more time to work together and, where most beneficial, create one-on-one and small-group learning experiences. Teachers should be asking themselves questions like...

    • How can I purposefully use online environments to maximize effectiveness of  face-to-face time with students?
    • How can I purposefully use online environments to maximize face-to-face effectiveness for other teachers when we are “sharing" students? 
    • How can I best leverage the space, time, and technology to improve and personalize student experiences? 

All websites and programs on the Student Login Portal located on the Bismarck Schools website have been specifically chosen and are "approved" for student use.  

Bismarck Public Schools takes student internet safety and data security very seriously.  While this can be a delicate balance, it is important that students are afforded technology tools and resources that help them to take ownership of their own learning and become creators (and not just consumers) with technology.  

This doesn't mean that these are the only resources that students should use, but it is important to be aware of, and help students to develop skills that will allow them to evaluate the safety and credibility of online resources. 
There's a process for that! Check it out: (this information can also be accessed through the BPSApps teacher login portal)

Keep your eyes and ears open!  Check the Intercom newsletter, staff tracker, and email. We're always brainstorming opportunities to develop high quality technology integration and blended learning development.  We often have opt-in development opportunities that are collaboratively designed by Technology, Staff Development, and Library Media.  

BPS teachers are always working collaboratively with coaches, LMSs, and technology project leads to develop high-quality technology integration.  Reaching out to one or all of these people for a personal consult is the best way to get the specific support that you need.

If you're looking for a place to get started, you might like to explore some of the Teacher Tech Tools Modules on Learnbps as a starting place. 

The first place to look is the Parent Chromebook Information page on the Bismarck Schools website.  Not only is it a great resource to share with parents, but also a good resource to read to inform yourself!

In addition, your principal is likely communicating with parents through something like this:  sample letter to parents  Perhaps it might be useful to have something like this on hand for open house or conferences?

For Building-Based 1:1:
  • Work with your building tech to report the damage and begin the repair process.
  • Work with your Library Media Specialist or Library Assistant to arrange check-out of a loaner machine.    

For Student-Based 1:1:

  • The student should bring the device to the library to report the issue and receive a loaner. (There is a form submission to report the issue which the Library Assistant can help with.)
  • Teacher contacted when repair is complete; student brings their loaner to the library in order to receive the repaired device

The intent of 1:1 is for the students to be individually responsible for their devices and therefore should not be shared with other students.

Work with your building administration or building to possibly get extra computer support.

Use the same process that you would use to request other resources for your classroom.  Keep in mind that the district technology parts list already contains many items that you might need.

You may wish to explore the Technology Part List on the BPS intranet (you'll need to be on the school network and authenticate using your BPS login).
At a minimum:

  • Have your students complete the Learnbps module on Responsible Use 

  • Collaborate with your LMS to model and support strong digital citizenship practices (strong passwords, responsible and appropriate technology use)

  • In order to support typing skills and digital fluidity, engage your students in authentic writing with digital tools.

Consider the following skills that MS teachers will be asking students to use:

  • Emailing
  • Bookmarking
  • Typing and data-entry fluidity (don't forget Google Read & Write)
  • Computer shortcuts (ctrl c/v, etc.), spell check
  • Google Drive functions (file management, sharing, etc.)
    Some things you may wish to consider organizing/storing them in small groups in different spaces, or creating procedures for small groups to get theirs separately (hopefully avoiding a whole-class pile up).  This might also make it easier to ensure that they are plugged in and charging when not in use.

    Here are some of the ways that your 5th grade counterparts are storing their chromebooks. (Got some other great storage ideas?  Please share them in this folder!)
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