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The computer should be locked within the Google Admin Console to prevent future logins.

If the chromebook was stolen, the student’s family should file a police report.

How to Lock/Unlock a Chromebook

  • Physical computers/devices (district-owned) can be searched on site (BPS).
  • At least two staff members (which could include SRO and a staff member) must be present for the search.
  • Student or employee may or may not be present but must be logged in with their username and password.
  • Searches of physical computer or online accounts without user specific credentials.

    • The first option (employee/student logging in with their own credentials) is always best.  When passwords need to be changed (for students) much of the history is deleted/reset as part of the Chrome security methodology.

    • This option requires the completion of the search approval form with signature of Sup/Assistant Sup or designee.

    • Complete search form should be copied with one given to the technology staff member (Tanna, Casey, Jen).  The original goes on file with Dawn Brown.

    • Search is performed and if potential search criteria information is found the SRO or requestor is notified and can look at the results.

    • If the information discovered via the search is needed as a physical file to be used off-site by the SRO or PD then a search warrant or subpoena is required.

  • When a device or file is moved off-site by the SRO a search warrant or subpoena is required.

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