BPS Music Standards Book

K-8 General Music

Grade 08


Young children arrive in Eighth Grade with widely varying knowledge in ....

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MUS-08.Cr - Creating

  • MUS-08.Cr.01: Anchor Standard 1 Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work
    • MUS-08.Cr.01.1a: Generate rhythmic, melodic and harmonic phrases and harmonic accompaniments within expanded forms (including introductions, transitions, and codas) that convey expressive intent.
  • MUS-08.Cr.02: Anchor Standard 2 Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
    • MUS-08.Cr.02.1a: Select, organize, and document personal musical ideas for arrangements, songs, and compositions within expanded forms that demonstrate tension and release, unity and variety, balance, and convey expressive intent.
    • MUS-08.Cr.02.1b: Use standard and/or iconic notation and/or audio/ video recording to document personal rhythmic phrases, melodic phrases, and harmonic sequences.
  • MUS-08.Cr.03: Anchor Standard 3 Evaluate, refine and complete artistic work.
    • MUS-08.Cr.03.1a: Evaluate their own work by selecting and applying criteria including appropriate application of compositional techniques, style, form, and use of sound sources.
    • MUS-08.Cr.03.1b: Describe the rationale for refining works by explaining the choices, based on evaluation criteria.
    • MUS-08.Cr.03.2a: Present the final version of their documented personal composition, song, or arrangement, using craftsmanship and originality to demonstrate the application of compositional techniques for creating unity and variety, tension and release, and balance to convey expressive intent.

Performing Music image

MUS-08.Pr - Performing

  • MUS-08.Pr.04: Anchor Standard 4 Select artistic work for presentation
    • MUS-08.Pr.04.1a: Apply personally-developed criteria for selecting music of contrasting styles for a program with a specific purpose and/or context, and explain expressive qualities, technical challenges, and reasons for choices.
    • MUS-08.Pr.04.2a: Compare the structure of contrasting pieces of music selected for performance, explaining how the elements of music are used in each.
    • MUS-08.Pr.04.2b: When analyzing selected music, sight-read in treble or bass clef simple rhythmic, melodic, and/or harmonic notation.
    • MUS-08.Pr.04.2c: Identity how cultural and historical context inform performances and result in different musical effects.
    • MUS-08.Pr.04.3a: Perform contrasting pieces of music, demonstrating as well as explaining how the music's intent is conveyed by their interpretations of the elements of music and expressive qualities (such as dynamics, tempo, timbre, articulation/style, and phrasing).
  • MUS-08.Pr.05: Anchor Standard 5 Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.
    • MUS-08.Pr.05.1a: Identify and apply personally-developed criteria (such as demonstrating correct interpretation of notation, technical skill of performer, originality, emotional impact, variety, and interest) to rehearse, refine, and determine when the music is ready to perform.
  • MUS-08.Pr.06: Anchor Standard 6 Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.?
    • MUS-08.Pr.06.1a: Perform the music with technical accuracy, stylistic expression, and culturally authentic practices in music to convey the creator's intent.
    • MUS-08.Pr.06.1b: Demonstrate performance decorum (such as stage presence, attire, and behavior) and audience etiquette appropriate for venue, purpose, context, and style.

Responding Music image

MUS-08.Re - Responding

  • MUS-08.Re.07: Anchor Standard 7 Perceive and analyze artistic work
    • MUS-08.Re.07.1a: Select programs of music (such as a CD mix or live performances) and demonstrate the connections to an interest or experience for a specific purpose.
    • MUS-08.Re.07.2a: Compare how the elements of music and expressive qualities relate to the structure within programs of music.
    • MUS-08.Re.07.2b: Identify and compare the context of programs of music from a variety of genres, cultures, and historical periods.
  • MUS-08.Re.08: Anchor Standard 8 Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work
    • MUS-08.Re.08.1a: Support personal interpretation of contrasting programs of music and explain how creators' or performers' apply the elements of music and expressive qualities, within genres, cultures, and historical periods to convey expressive intent.
  • MUS-08.Re.09: Anchor Standard 9 Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.
    • MUS-08.Re.09.1a: Apply appropriate personally-developed criteria to evaluate musical works or performances.

Connecting Music image

MUS-08.Cn Connecting

  • MUS-08.Cn.10: Anchor Standard 10 Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art.
    • MUS-08.Cn.10.1a: Demonstrate how interests, knowledge, and skills relate to personal choices and intent when creating, performing, and responding to music.
  • MUS-08.Cn.11: Anchor Standard 11 Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding
    • MUS-08.Cn.11.1a: Demonstrate understanding of relationships between music and the other arts, other disciplines, varied contexts, and daily life.