BPS Music Standards Book

Performing Ensembles



Young children arrive in First Grade with widely varying knowledge in ....

iconEL Ensemble Music "I can ... statements"

MUS-EL.SdEE "Self-Directed Learners"

Students demonstrate responsibility for their learning by becoming autonomous learners who start and complete their school work without the need for direct supervision or external pressure.

  • MUS-EL.SdEE.01 Students will be able to independently perform new content on their instruments using appropriate learning procedures.
  • MUS-EL.SdEE.02 Students will be able to practice curriculum independently over time in order to refine their learning and perfect their skills.
  • MUS-EL.SdEE.03 Students will be able to describe and demonstrate good tone along with the variables that influence tone.

MUS-EL.TwEE "Teamwork"

Students demonstrate the ability and willingness to pursue common goals as part of a team, constructively participate in cooperative learning, and communicate effectively in cross-cultural and multi-lingual settings (i.e., with people who have diverse styles, views, and backgrounds).

  • MUS-EL.TwEE.01 Students will be able to self-assess the unity of the team product.
  • MUS-EL.TwEE.02 Students will be able to work effectively and respectfully in large and small groups.

MUS-EL.PvEE "Perseverance"

Students demonstrate the trait of perseverance by continuing to perform their responsibilities and pursue their goals with vigor and tenacity despite frustrations, mistakes, setbacks, and other obstacles that make their task difficult or seem impossible. They resist temptations and pressures to give up or quit, choosing instead to persist as long as they are able.

  • MUS-EL.PvEE.01 Students will be able to start and end performance of content without stopping by maintaining focus and prioritizing rhythm.
  • MUS-EL.PvEE.02 Students will be able to continue participating, with positive attitude, despite having made errors or mistakes.

MUS-EL.ScEE "Self-Confidence"

Students demonstrate confidence in their abilities and inner strength to succeed and endure difficulties, failures, and other forms of adversity.

  • MUS-EL.ScEE.01 Students will be able to perform subject area content in front of others confidently.
  • MUS-EL.ScEE.02 Students will be able to recite and demonstrate elements of confident posture.

MUS-EL.DpEE "Dependability"

Students demonstrate trustworthiness by being reliable and dependable, being cautious about making promises and commitments, and conscientious about keeping the promises and commitments they make.

  • MUS-EL.DpEE.01 Students will be able to demonstrate reliability by bringing all required materials to orchestra.
  • MUS-EL.DpEE.02 Students will be able to demonstrate commitment to orchestra education through punctual and timely attendance.