BPS District Social Emotional Learning Book


K-2 Learning Goals


Elementary Grades K-2

(K-2) K2 Indicators

Learning Goals

SEL-K2.SeA Self-Awareness

    • SEL-K2.SeA.1ie Recognize and accurately label emotions, and identify situations that cause those emotions.
    • SEL-K2.SeA.2rs Differentiate between likes and dislikes.
    • SEL-K2.SeA.3sce Accept failure and demonstrate the ability to recover from perceived failures.
    • SEL-K2.SeA.4asp Identify and seek help when appropriate.

SEL-K2.SeM Self-Management

    • SEL-K2.SeM.1ic Demonstrate self-control in a variety of settings.
    • SEL-K2.SeM.2sm Define stress.
    • SEL-K2.SeM.3sd Identify what it means to be responsible and list personal responsibilities.
    • SEL-K2.SeM.4s-m Utilize self-talk for the purpose of self-motivation.
    • SEL-K2.SeM.5gs Identify goals for academic success and classroom behavior.
    • SEL-K2.SeM.6os Utilize prescribed routines to understand physical and mental organizational strategies.

SEL-K2.SoA Social Awareness

    • SEL-K2.SoA.1hs Identify a trusted adult for help when needed.
    • SEL-K2.SoA.2ept Identify the feelings and perspectives of others.
    • SEL-K2.SoA.3ad Recognize and acknowledge individual differences in others.
    • SEL-K2.SoA.4rfo Describe positive qualities in others.

SEL-K2.ReS Relationship Skills

    • SEL-K2.ReS.1c Demonstrate verbal etiquette to foster better communication.
    • SEL-K2.ReS.2se Identify opportunities for social participation at home, school and in the community.
    • SEL-K2.ReS.3rb Describe approaches for making and keeping friends.
    • SEL-K2.ReS.4tw Demonstrate appropriate strategies for receiving feedback from others for self-improvement and to promote group effectiveness.
    • SEL-K2.ReS.5cr Identify conflict in various situations.

SEL-K2.RDM Responsible Decision-Making