3-5 Learning Goals

Elementary Grades 3-5

(3-5) EL Indicators

Learning Goals

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SEL-35.SeA Self-Awareness

    • SEL-35.SeA.1ie Describe a variety of emotions, and understandings how emotions are linked to behavior.
    • SEL-35.SeA.2rs Describe interests to pursue and skills to develop.
    • SEL-35.SeA.3sce Develop a growth mindset for rigorous situations.
    • SEL-35.SeA.4asp Describe an activity or task in which help is needed to be successful.

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SEL-35.SeM Self-Management

    • SEL-35.SeM.1ic Apply self-monitoring strategies to regulate emotions.
    • SEL-35.SeM.2sm Identify personal stressors.
    • SEL-35.SeM.3sd Display consistent behaviors to meet personal responsibilities.
    • SEL-35.SeM.4s-m Identify internal and/or external motivating factors in a variety of situations.
    • SEL-35.SeM.5gs Apply a goal setting process to work toward goal achievement (e.g. SMART).
    • SEL-35.SeM.6os Identify strategies for planning, prioritizing and managing time.

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SEL-35.SoA Social Awareness

    • SEL-35.SoA.1hs Demonstrate appropriate strategies to ask for help in a variety of situations.
    • SEL-35.SoA.2ept Describe feelings and perspectives of others..
    • SEL-35.SoA.3ad Differentiate between static and dynamic personal characteristics and accept static characteristics.
    • SEL-35.SoA.4rfo Demonstrate strategies for working and playing effectively with others.

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SEL-35.ReS Relationship Skills

    • SEL-35.ReS.1c Demonstrate non-verbal etiquette to foster better communication (e.g. looking and learning, etc).
    • SEL-35.ReS.2se Analyze social situations at home, school and in the community (e.g. family meal time, free play, extracurricular activities, cances, diverse peer groups, etc).
    • SEL-35.ReS.3rb Recognize and respond to social cues in a manner that builds and maintains healthy relationships.
    • SEL-35.ReS.4tw Demonstrate appropriate strategies for providing and receiving feedback to promote group effectiveness.
    • SEL-35.ReS.5cr Differentiate between conflict and bullying.

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SEL-35.RDM Responsible Decision-Making

    • SEL-35.RDM.1ip Identify problems in a variety of situations.
    • SEL-35.RDM.2as Utilize refusal skills.
    • SEL-35.RDM.3sp Apply strategies to appropriately solve problems.
    • SEL-35.RDM.4e&r Compare and contrast the potential outcomes of engaging in safe and risky behavior.
    • SEL-35.RDM.5er Demonstrate personal responsibility for decisions.