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The ability to accurately recognize one's own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior. The ability to accurately assess one's strengths and limitations, with a well-grounded sense of confidence, optimism, and a "growth mindset."


  1. IE Identifying Emotions
  2. RS Recognizing Strengths
  3. SCE Self-Confidences & Efficacy
  4. ASP Accurate Self-Perception

Grade Span

Students will be able to ...
  • SEL-K2.S-A.1ie Recognize and accurately label emotions, and identify situations that cause those emotions. 
  • SEL-K2.S-A.2rs Differentiate between likes and dislikes. 
  • SEL-K2.S-A.3sce Accept failure and demonstrate the ability to recover from perceived failures. 
  • SEL-K2.S-A.4asp Identify and seek help when appropriate.

  • SEL-EL.S-A.1ie Describe a variety of emotions, and understandings how emotions are linked to behavior.
  • SEL-EL.S-A.2rs Describe interests to pursue and skills to develop.
  • SEL-EL.S-A.3sce Develop a growth mindset for rigorous situations.
  • SEL-EL.S-A.4asp Describe an activity or task in which help is needed to be successful.

  • SEL-MS.S-A.1ie Distinguish different levels of emotions and explain the physical reaction to various emotions (e.g. how bodies looks and feel).
  • SEL-MS.S-A.2rs Identify personal strengths and the skills required to develop those strengths.
  • SEL-MS.S-A.3sce Understand the relationship between effort, attitude and achievement.
  • SEL-MS.S-A.4asp Distinguish between personal feelings and how one is expected to feel in a variety of situations.

  • SEL-HS.S-A.1ie Create a plan for managing a variety of emotions.
  • SEL-HS.S-A.2rs Analyze perceived limitations and create a plan leveraging strengths to address limitations.
  • SEL-HS.S-A.3sce Demonstrate resilience and a positive attitude for school and life.
  • SEL-HS.S-A.4asp Advocate for oneself by creating 'I'-message to present personal perspective.