Grade Levels

MS (Grades 6-8)

TEC-MS.1    Standard 1 - Nature and Characteristics of Technology and Engineering

  • TEC-MS.1.01    Develop innovative products and systems that solve problems and extend capabilities based on individual or collective needs and wants.
  • TEC-MS.1.02    Compare and contrast the contributions of science, engineering, mathematics, and technology in the development of technological systems.
  • TEC-MS.1.03    Explain how technology and engineering are closely linked to creativity, which can result in both intended and unintended innovations.
  • TEC-MS.1.04    Apply creative problem-solving strategies to the improvement of existing devices or processes or the development of new approaches

TEC-MS.2    Standard 2 - Core Concepts of Technology and Engineering

  • TEC-MS.2.01    Differentiate between inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback in technological systems.
  • TEC-MS.2.02     Illustrate how systems thinking involves considering relationships between every part, as well as how the system interacts with the environment in which it is used.
  • TEC-MS.2.03    Create an open-loop system that has no feedback path and requires human intervention.
  • TEC-MS.2.04    Create a closed-loop system that has a feedback path and requires no human intervention.
  • TEC-MS.2.05    Predict outcomes of a future product or system at the beginning of the design process.
  • TEC-MS.2.06    Compare how different technologies involve different sets of processes.
  • TEC-MS.2.07    Defend decisions related to a design problem.

TEC-MS.3    Standard 3 - Integration of Knowledge, Technologies, and Practices

  • TEC-MS.3.01    Analyze how different technological systems often interact with economic, environmental, and social systems.
  • TEC-MS.3.02    Apply a product, system, or process developed for one setting to another setting.
  • TEC-MS.3.03    Explain how knowledge gained from other content areas affects the development of technological products and systems.

TEC-MS.4    Standard 4 - Impact of Technology

  • TEC-MS.4.01    Explain the ways that technology can have both positive and negative effects at the same time.
  • TEC-MS.4.02    Analyze how the creation and use of technologies consumes renewable and non-renewable resources and creates waste.
  • TEC-MS.4.03    Devise strategies for reducing, reusing, and recycling waste caused from the creation and use of technology.
  • TEC-MS.4.04    Analyze examples of technologies that have changed the way people think, interact, and communicate.
  • TEC-MS.4.05    Hypothesize what alternative outcomes (individual, cultural, and/or environmental) might have resulted had a different technological solution been selected.

TEC-MS.5    Standard 5 - Influence of Society on Technological Development

  • TEC-MS.5.01    Analyze how an invention or innovation was influenced by its historical context.
  • TEC-MS.5.02    Evaluate trade-offs based on various perspectives as part of a decision process that recognizes the need for careful compromises among competing factors.

TEC-MS.6    Standard 6 - History of Technology

  • TEC-MS.6.01    Compare various technologies and how they have contributed to human progress.
  • TEC-MS.6.02    Engage in a research and development process to simulate how inventions and innovations have evolved through systematic tests and refinements.
  • TEC-MS.6.03    Verify how specialization of function has been at the heart of many technological improvements.

TEC-MS.7    Standard 7 - Design in Technology and Engineering Education

  • TEC-MS.7.01    Illustrate the benefits and opportunities associated with different approaches to design.
  • TEC-MS.7.02    Apply the technology and engineering design process.
  • TEC-MS.7.03    Refine design solutions to address criteria and constraints.
  • TEC-MS.7.04    Create solutions to problems by identifying and applying human factors in design.
  • TEC-MS.7.05    Assess design quality based upon established principles and elements of design.
  • TEC-MS.7.06    Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different design solutions.
  • TEC-MS.7.07    Improve essential skills necessary to successfully design.

TEC-MS.8    Standard 8 - Applying, Maintaining, and Assessing Technological Products and Systems

  • TEC-MS.8.01    Research information from various sources to use and maintain technological products or systems.
  • TEC-MS.8.02    Use tools, materials, and machines to safely diagnose, adjust, and repair systems.
  • TEC-MS.8.03    Use devices to control technological systems.
  • TEC-MS.8.04    Design methods to gather data about technological systems.
  • TEC-MS.8.05    Interpret the accuracy of information collected.
  • TEC-MS.8.06    Use instruments to gather data on the performance of everyday products.