Aviation II

AER-s1 logoAER-HS.1 Standard 1 - Basics and Control Systems

Topic 1_2 Aircraft Flight Instruments
  • AER-HS.1_2.05 Describe how instruments will function when the pitot-static system is blocked.
  • AER-HS.1_2.06 Explain how the principles of gyroscopic procession and rigidity in space affect the gyroscopic instruments.
  • AER-HS.1_2.07 Explain how to cope with magnetic compass errors.
Topic 1_4 Aircraft Construction
  • AER-HS.1_4.01 Construct a model aircraft.
  • AER-HS.1_4.02 Interpret plans/instructions for homebuilt aircraft.
  • AER-HS.1_4.03 Identify techniques used for homebuilt aircraft.
  • AER-HS.1_4.04 Assemble/re-assemble a full-scale aircraft part (e.g., fuselage, empennage, wing)

AER-s2 logoAER-HS.2 Standard 2 - Science of Flight

Topic 2_1 Aerodynamics of Flight
Topic 2_2 Weather Theory
  • AER-HS.2_2.09 Describe conditions that would be necessary for fog formation
Topic 2_3 Weather Products and Reports
  • AER-HS.2_3.08 Describe how to obtain official weather briefings and FAA approved sources or products.
  • AER-HS.2_3.09 Predict weather conditions in an area based on available data.
  • AER-HS.2_3.10 Interpret current atmospheric conditions at an airport.
Topic 2_5 E6B Flight Computer
  • AER-HS.2_5.03 Demonstrate accurate multi-step calculations using a flight computer.
Topic 2_6 Performance Calculations
  • AER-HS.2_6.01 Determine aircraft performance problems.
  • AER-HS.2_6.02 Determine aircraft performance predictions using current aircraft information and atmospheric conditions.
  • AER-HS.2_6.03 Compare predicted aircraft performance vs. actual aircraft performance (actual or simulated).
  • AER-HS.2_6.04 Determine predicted aircraft performance changes if a modification to airframe or powerplant occurs.

AER s3 logoAER-HS.3 Standard 3 - Ground and Inflight Operations

Topic 3_1 Airport Operations
  • AER-HS.3_1.07 Create an airport diagram using appropriate signs, lights, and markings.
  • AER-HS.3_1.08 Demonstrate a standard traffic pattern using the simulator.
Topic 3_2 Airspace
  • AER-HS.3_2.08 Identify airspace at a given location using a sectional chart.
  • AER-HS.3_2.09 Determine special use airspace on a sectional chart.
Topic 3_3 Flight Communication
  • AER-HS.3_3.07 Demonstrate flight in a simulated tower environment.
  • AER-HS.3_3.08 Explain proper communication procedures in an emergency situation.
  • AER-HS.3_3.09 Describe lost communications procedures.
Topic 3_4 Navigation
  • AER-HS.3_4.06 Determine the most appropriate radio navigation technique for a flight.

AER s4 logoAER-HS.4 Standard 4 - People, Trends, and Careers in Aviation

Topic 4_1 Events and Trends in Aviation
  • AER-HS.4_1.04 Describe how events in aviation history are changing the future of aviation.
Topic 4_3 Aviation Physiology
  • AER-HS.4_3.10 Describe the effect on pilot performance time at various altitudes.
Topic 4_4 Aviation Careers
  • AER-HS.4_4.04 Create an educational plan to pursue an aviation career.