K-12 Grade Levels

Grade 01

1st Grade logoThe 1st Grade ELA BPS-prioritized standards were selected to equip your child for a whirlwind of exciting reading and writing adventures!

Your child will build on their kindergarten skills by sounding out longer words, understanding more complex stories, and using their knowledge of sounds and letters to write more independently.  They'll learn to identify the main ideas in nonfiction books and pick out important details in stories. They'll also explore different parts of speech, like nouns and verbs, to create their own sentences with clarity and purpose. Get ready to hear all about the characters, settings, and fascinating facts your child discovers as they become a confident reader and writer!

Note: Standards Identifiers auto-link to popup a detailed description and links to Proficiency Scales with Prioritized Standards Identifiers being highlighted a sky-blue.

ELA-01.F (F) Foundations of Literacy

  • ELA-01.F.01 is mastered in kindergarten
  • ELA-01.F.02 is mastered in kindergarten
  • ELA-01.F.03    Identify the distinguishing features of a sentence.
  • ELA-01.F.04 is mastered in kindergarten
  • ELA-01.F.05    Segment one-syllable spoken words into four or more phonemes.*
  • ELA-01.F.06    Blend four or more phonemes to produce a spoken word or syllable.*
  • ELA-01.F.07    Manipulate parts of spoken words.*
  • ELA-01.F.08    Decode words with phoneme-grapheme correspondences:*
  • ELA-01.F.09    Encode words with phoneme-grapheme correspondences:*
  • ELA-01.F.10    Determine the meaning of multiple-meaning words with phonics patterns that have been taught.
  • ELA-01.F.11    Use new academic, content-specific, grade-level vocabulary, make connections to previously learned words, and relate new words to background knowledge.
  • ELA-01.F.13    Write uppercase and lowercase letters accurately and automatically.*
  • ELA-01.F.14    Write simple sentences using subject and predicate, with capital letters, punctuation, and appropriate word spacing.

ELA-01.C (C) Communication

  • ELA-01.C.01    Describe people, places, things, and events with relevant details expressing ideas orally to a targeted audience.
  • ELA-01.C.02    Speak audibly in complete sentences to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas.
  • ELA-01.C.03    Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading, being read to, and responding to texts, including frequently occurring conjunctions to signal simple relationships.
  • ELA-01.C.04    Use grade-appropriate conversational, general academic, and domain-specific words and phrases.
  • ELA-01.C.05 begins in sixth grade
  • ELA-01.C.06    Participate in conversations by listening to others and taking turns speaking about topics, continuing through multiple exchanges.
  • ELA-01.C.07    Work collaboratively by following agreed-upon rules and simple two- and three-step oral directions and offering one- and two-step verbal directions.

ELA-01.R (R) Reading

  • ELA-01.R.01 is met in 1.R.2-5.
  • ELA-01.R.02    Ask and answer questions about a variety of texts, genres, photographs, or illustrations before, during, and after shared reading or other text-listening experiences to compare, contrast, predict, or infer.
  • ELA-01.R.03a    Identify the topic of an informational text, photograph, or illustration during or after a shared reading or other text-listening experiences.*
  • ELA-01.R.03b    Identify characters, setting, and plot in a literary text during or after a shared reading or other text-listening experience.*
  • ELA-01.R.04 begins in fourth grade
  • ELA-01.R.05    Determine the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases through read-alouds or other text-listening experiences.*
  • ELA-01.R.06    Recognize basic text features during or after a shared reading or other text-listening experience.
  • ELA-01.R.07 begins in third grade
  • ELA-01.R.08    Use a variety of fiction texts.
  • ELA-01.R.09 begins in third grade

ELA-01.Wr (Wr) Writing

  • ELA-01.Wr.01    Produce writing through shared and interactive experiences in which the development and organization are appropriate to the task, purpose, or audience.*
  • ELA-01.Wr.02 begins in second grade
  • ELA-01.Wr.03    Write informative pieces that detail the topic.
  • ELA-01.Wr.04    Write opinion pieces on a topic using a reason to support the opinion.
  • ELA-01.Wr.05    Write narrative pieces that describe a single event with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • ELA-01.Wr.06    Develop and strengthen writing utilizing the five steps appropriate to the task.
  • ELA-01.Wr.07    Produce writing with emotion or personality expressed through word choice.

ELA-01.IR (IR) Inquiry and Research

(IR) Standards for Research begin in second grade