K-12 Grade Levels

Grade 02

2nd Grade logoThe 2nd Grade ELA BPS-prioritized standards were selected to equip your child to becoming a powerful reader and writer!

In second grade, your child will dive deeper into understanding stories and informational texts. They'll master sounding out even trickier words and read fluently with expression.  Get ready to be amazed by their ability to retell stories with details, ask insightful questions, and identify the main ideas in books.  Their writing will flourish too, as they learn to craft paragraphs with multiple sentences, organize their thoughts clearly, and use a variety of sentence structures. They'll also become familiar with different text features like captions and diagrams, making them even more confident explorers of the written world!

Note: Standards Identifiers auto-link to popup a detailed description and links to Proficiency Scales with Prioritized Standards Identifiers being highlighted a sky-blue.

ELA-02.F (F) Foundations of Literacy

  • standards are mastered in first grade.
  • standards are mastered in first grade. In second grade, learners should continue to practice manipulating parts of spoken words to increase phonemic proficiency.
  • ELA-02.F.08    Decode words with phoneme-grapheme correspondences:*
  • ELA-02.F.09    Encode words with phoneme-grapheme correspondences:*
  • ELA-02.F.10    Determine the meaning of multiple-meaning words with phonics patterns that have been taught.
  • ELA-02.F.11    Use new academic, content-specific, grade-level vocabulary, connecting previously learned words and relating new words to background knowledge.
  • ELA-02.F.12    Read accurately and automatically a variety of second-grade texts with expression, phrasing, purpose, and understanding.*
  • ELA-02.F.13    Write uppercase and lowercase letters accurately and automatically for all writing purposes.
  • ELA-02.F.14    Write a paragraph including multiple complete sentences on a topic. *

ELA-02.C (C) Communication

  • ELA-02.C.01    Report on a topic or text, tell a story or recount an experience to a targeted audience with relevant facts and descriptive details.
  • ELA-02.C.02    Speak audibly in complete sentences when proper to the task and situation to provide requested details or clarifications.
  • ELA-02.C.03    Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, reading, being read to, and responding to texts, including using adjectives and adverbs to describe.
  • ELA-02.C.04    Use grade-appropriate conversational, general academic, and domain-specific words and phrases.
  • ELA-02.C.05 begins in sixth grade
  • ELA-02.C.06    Participate in conversations by linking comments to the remarks of others and asking questions.
  • ELA-02.C.07    Work collaboratively by following agreed-upon rules and following/offering multi-step oral directions.

ELA-02.R (R) Reading

  • ELA-02.R.01    Comprehend information during and after listening to a grade-level text.*
  • ELA-02.R.02    Ask and answer questions about key details before, during, and after reading a variety of literary and informational texts to compare, contrast, predict, or infer.*
  • ELA-02.R.03a    Identify the main idea with supporting details during or after reading an informational text or passage.*
  • ELA-02.R.03b    Retell the plot to include the beginning, middle, and end of a literary text after reading.*
  • ELA-02.R.04 begins in third grade
  • ELA-02.R.05    Determine the meaning of unknown words and phrases through a variety of text experiences.*
  • ELA-02.R.06    Identify text features and use previously learned text features to read and understand a text or passage.*
  • ELA-02.R.07 begins in third grade
  • ELA-02.R.08    Use a variety of fiction and poetry texts.
  • ELA-02.R.09 begins in sixth grade

ELA-02.Wr (Wr) Writing

  • ELA-02.Wr.01    Produce writing appropriate to the task, purpose, or audience.*
  • ELA-02.Wr.02    Write using an organizational structure that introduces a topic, includes supporting sentences, and provides a sense of closure.*
  • ELA-02.Wr.03    Write informative pieces that include factual details on the topic.
  • ELA-02.Wr.04    Write opinion pieces on a topic using reasons to support the opinion.
  • ELA-02.Wr.05    Write narrative pieces that describe a well-elaborated event in sequence.
  • ELA-02.Wr.06    Develop and strengthen writing utilizing the five steps appropriate to the task.
  • ELA-02.Wr.07    Write with intentional word choice that integrates emotion or descriptive language.
  • ELA-02.wL.01    Compose simple and compound sentences.*
  • ELA-02.wL.02    Recognize and use parts of speech in sentences:*

ELA-02.IR (IR) Inquiry and Research

(IR) standards 2 and 3 are introduced to 2nd grade

  • ELA-02.IR.01 begins in third grade
  • ELA-02.IR.02   Locate important information on a topic in a provided source during a shared or interactive experience.
  • ELA-02.IR.03   Use organizational tools to track information from a provided pair of sources relevant to a topic in a shared or interactive experience.
  • ELA-02.IR.04 begins in third grade
  • ELA-02.IR.05 begins in fourth grade