K-12 Grade Levels

Grade 08

8th Grade ELA Strand Clusters

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ELA-08.C (C) Communication

  • ELA-08.C.01    Construct and deliver formal and informal presentations considering the audience and purpose, including multimedia components when appropriate.
  • ELA-08.C.02    Present ideas using proper eye contact, body language, volume, and pronunciation in formal and informal presentations.
  • ELA-08.C.05    Prepare for discussions by finding relevant and specific connections to the topic or text.
  • ELA-08.C.06    Engage in a range of discussions and/or debates.
  • ELA-08.C.07    Collaborate cooperatively with peers to accomplish a common goal or purpose.

ELA-08.R (R) Reading

  • ELA-08.R.02    Comprehend a variety of texts while developing inferences and providing relevant textual evidence and reasoning.
  • ELA-08.R.03a    Summarize and/or paraphrase nonfiction texts objectively, including relevant details and avoiding unnecessary information.
  • ELA-08.R.03b    Summarize and/or paraphrase literary texts objectively, including relevant details and avoiding unnecessary information.
  • ELA-08.R.04    Determine a main idea(s), claim(s), or theme(s) and provide relevant textual evidence and supportive reasoning.
  • ELA-08.R.05    Determine the meaning and purpose of words and phrases as they contribute to the text, including figurative, denotative, and connotative meanings.
  • ELA-08.R.06    Analyze the structure an author uses to organize a text, including how sections, paragraphs, stanzas, and/or particular sentences contribute to the development of ideas and the overall purpose of the text.
  • ELA-08.R.07    Analyze how an author uses figurative language and specific word choice to affect the meaning and tone.
  • ELA-08.R.08    Analyze a variety of fiction texts using textual evidence for support.
  • ELA-08.R.09    Analyze a variety of nonfiction texts using textual evidence for support.

ELA-08.Wr (Wr) Writing

  • ELA-08.Wr.01    Produce clear and coherent writing organized logically according to the task, purpose, and audience.
  • ELA-08.Wr.02    Write using a clear organizational structure incorporating an introduction, transitions, body paragraph(s), and a conclusion appropriate to the task.
  • ELA-08.Wr.03    Write using informative/explanatory techniques to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information utilizing different mediums when appropriate.
  • ELA-08.Wr.04    Write using argumentative techniques to develop claims and counterclaims using supporting evidence and logical reasoning.
  • ELA-08.Wr.05    Write using narrative techniques to develop real or imagined experiences or events using well-chosen details and structured event sequences.
  • ELA-08.Wr.06    Develop and strengthen writing by planning, drafting, revising, and editing to address specific purposes for the genre and audience.
  • ELA-08.Wr.07    Produce writing that uses intentional word choice and voice to match the writing purpose.
  • ELA-08.wL.01    Apply language knowledge for specific tasks, purposes, intentions, and audience, resolving usage issues as needed.

ELA-08.IR (IR) Inquiry and Research

(IR) Customize to Gr
  • ELA-08.IR.01    Develop research questions based on self-generated topics, problems, or needs.
  • ELA-08.IR.02    Gather and interpret relevant information for a variety of purposes.
  • ELA-08.IR.03    Organize main concepts from a variety of sources using multiple note taking strategies.
  • ELA-08.IR.04    Analyze the credibility of a source based on bias, perspective, and purpose.
  • ELA-08.IR.05    Integrate information from sources using a standardized format.