HS Math Concepts

The high school content standards specify the mathematics that all students should study in order to be college and career ready and listed in conceptual categories. This is different than the K-8 standards in that the standards are not grade-specific.

[N] Number and Quantity

  • N-RN The Real Number System
  • N-Q Quantities
  • N-CN Complex Numbers
  • N-VM Vector and Matrix Quantities

[A] Algebra

  • A-SSE Seeing Structures in Expressions
  • A-APR Arithmetic with Polynomials and Rational Expressions
  • A-CED Creating Equations
  • A-REI Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities

[F] Functions

  • F-IF Interpreting Functions
  • F-BF Building Functions
  • F-LE Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models
  • F-TF Trigonometric Functions

[G] Geometry

  • G-CO Congruence
  • G-SRT Similarity, Right Triangles, and Trigonometry
  • G-C Circles
  • G-GPE Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations
  • G-GMD Geometric Measure and Dimension
  • G-MG Modeling with Geometry

[S] Statistics and Probability

  • S-ID Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data
  • S-IC Making Inferences and Justifying Conclusions
  • S-CP Conditional Probability and the Rules of Probability
  • S-MD Using Probability to Make Decisions