SBE Parent Information


As we continue to learn and grow within a standards-based environment, we can expect to see:

Student Benefits

  • Students as partners in their own learning.
  • Students monitoring their own progress toward the achievement of learning targets.
  • Learning targets that are clearly defined.
  • Students understanding the expectations and purpose of each learning experience.
  • Multiple opportunities and ways for students to demonstrate proficiency.
  • Students who can think critically and solve real-world problems.
  • All students achieving at their highest potential.

Parent Benefits

  • Parents and their children discussing and monitoring progress on current learning targets.
  • Parents receiving information about what their child knows and is able to do separate from behavior and work habits.
  • Parents know specific content standards in which their child needs more support or more academic challenge.
  • When considering college and career readiness, parents and students have a better idea of the learner’s academic strengths and weaknesses.