ELA-C Continuum Standards
(R) Domain: Language 

ELA-C.L.06 Grade Level - Use academic and domain-specific words and phrases


Learning Targets and Proficiency Scales by Grade Level

Grade Level Link to Proficiency Scales/Learning Targets
Grade 2 ELA-02.L.06
Grade 3 ELA-03.L.06
Grade 4 ELA-04.L.06
Grade 5 ELA-05.L.06
Grade 6 ELA-06.L.06
Grade 7 ELA-07.L.06
Grade 8 ELA-08.L.06
Grade 9 ELA-09.L.06
Grade 10 ELA-10.L.06
Grade 11 ELA-11.L.06
Grade 12 ELA-12.L.06



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