Narrative for the Writing Strand:

The Writing standards outline three primary types of text that students are expected to produce: opinion, informational, and narrative texts.  Students are expected to produce each of these text types and to understand the purpose for each. When writing production is tightly integrated with purpose,  the differentiation between text types will be increasingly evident. Similarly, as students’ sophistication and maturity with language, vocabulary, and syntax grow, they will be better equipped to write for a specific purpose.The writing standards focus on instruction that enables students to gain adequate mastery of a range of writing skills and applications. As students progress through the grade levels they should demonstrate increasing sophistication in all aspects of writing, from vocabulary and syntax to the development and organization of ideas. The content and source students address are of an increasingly demanding nature. As they advance through the grade levels, students are expected to meet each year’s grade-specific standards and retain or further develop skills and understandings mastered during the preceding grades. 

Students continue to learn and apply the rules of standard written English and to strengthen and expand their vocabulary, use of language, and organization of ideas.  You will find the standards for these skills in the Language Strand.  


How can I help my child at home with the writing strand standards?

  • Establish a place to leave messages for each other such as a wipe-off or cork board.  
  • Talk with your child about their opinion about a topic or book by stating the opinion and giving a reason for his/her thinking“I think chocolate ice cream is the best ice cream because...... " Model this by giving your own opinions about topics or books. 
  • Help your child see that order is important in writing about a story or happening, using a proper sequence of events.
  • Help your child to use the computer or writing tools to produce and publish what he/she has written.  Have them read aloud what they have written.
  • Do simple research about a given topic together – and have your child write and organize the facts you both find.
  • Help your child to recall information about his/her own experiences, or what he/she has read or researched, to answer questions.



Calculation Method for Strands

Strands are larger groups of related standards. The Strand Grade is a calculation of all the related standards. Click on the standard name below each strand to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each strand's related standards.

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