ELA-05 Targeted Standards
(RL) Strand: Reading Literature
Cluster: Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity.

ELA-05.RL.10 By the end of the year, read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poetry, at the high end of the grades 4–5 text complexity band independently and proficiently.

Student Learning Targets:

Skills (Performance) Targets

  • I can reread a text to find more information or clarify ideas.
  • I can read complex grade level texts.
  • I can use reading strategies (asking questions, make connections, take notes, make inferences, visualize and re-read) to help me understand difficult complex text.


Proficiency (Rubric) Scale

Score   Description Sample Activity

  3.5 In addition to Score 3.0 performance, the student demonstrates in-depth inferences and applications regarding the more complex content with partial success.

  2.5 No major errors or emissions regarding 2.0 content and partial knowledge of the 3.0 content.

  1.5 In addition to 1.0 content,student has partial knowledge of the 2.0 content.

  0.5 Limited or no understanding of the skill is demonstrated.




  • Reading Strategy
  • Comprehend


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