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Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Narrative for the (OA) Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Counting and Cardinality and Operations and Algebraic Thinking are about understanding and using numbers. Counting and Cardinality underlies Operations and Algebraic Thinking as well as Number and Operations in Base Ten. It begins with early counting and telling how many in one group of objects. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division grow from these early roots.

In Kindergarten, students develop meanings for addition and subtraction as they encounter problem situations, and they extend these meanings as they encounter increasingly difficult problem situations in Grade 1. They represent these problems in increasingly sophisticated ways. And they learn and use increasingly sophisticated computation methods to find answers. Students learn and use mathematical and non-mathematical language, especially when they make up problems and explain their representation and solution.

Students in Kindergarten work with the following types of addition and subtraction situations: Add To with Result Unknown; Take From with Result Unknown; and Put Together/Take Apart with Total Unknown and Both Addends Unknown.

Calculation Method for Domains

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