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Counting and Cardinality

 Narrative for the (CC) Counting and Cardinality

Counting and Cardinality and Operations and Algebraic Thinking are about understanding and using numbers. Counting and Cardinality underlies Operations and Algebraic Thinking as well as Number and Operations in Base Ten. It begins with early counting and telling how many in one group of objects. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division grow from these early roots.

Students usually know or can learn to say the counting words up to a given number before they can use these numbers to count objects or to tell the number of objects. In Kindergarten, students develop understanding of the relationship between numbers and quantities and connect counting to cardinality - to count a group of objects, they pair each word said with one object.  Students also develop fluency with counting to 100 by ones and tens, count to answer "how many" questions, use counting strategies to compare groups of objects, and apply counting strategies when solving addition and subtraction problems.

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