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Number and Operation in Base Ten

Narrative for the (NBT) Number and Operation in Base Ten

Students’ work in the base-ten system is intertwined with their work on counting and cardinality, and with the meanings and properties of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Work in the base-ten system relies on these meanings and properties, but also contributes to deepening students’ understanding of them.

In first grade, students learn to view ten ones as a unit called a ten. The ability to compose and decompose this unit flexibly and to view the numbers 11 to 19 as composed of one ten and some ones allows development of efficient, general base-ten methods for addition and subtraction. Students see a two-digit numeral as representing some tens and they add and subtract using this understanding.

First graders use their base-ten work to compute sums within 100 with understanding.  Concrete objects or drawings afford connections with written numerical work and discussions and explanations in terms of tens and ones.  First graders also engage in mental calculation, such as mentally finding 10 more or 10 less than a given two-digit number without having to count by ones.

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