7th Grade MAT Targeted Standards
Domain (SP) Statistics and Probability
Cluster: TOPIC

MAT-07.SP.03 Informally assess the degree of visual overlap of two numerical data distributions with similar variabilities, measuring the difference between the centers by expressing it as a multiple of a measure of variability.

For example, the mean height of players on the basketball team is 10 cm greater than the mean height of players on the soccer team, about twice the variability (mean absolute deviation) on either team; on a dot plot, the separation between the two distributions of heights is noticeable.

Student Learning Targets:

  • I can find the difference in the mean or the median of two different data sets.
  • I can demonstrate how two data sets that are very different can have similar variabilities. 
  • I can draw inferences about the data sets by making a comparison of these differences relative to the mean absolute deviation or interquartile range of a set of data. 


Measures of Center (Measures of central tendencies)





mean absolute deviation

interquartile range.

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