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From Molecules to Organisms: Structure and Processes

Performance Expectations

LS1: help students formulate an answer to the question, “How can one explain the ways cells contribute to the function of living organisms. ”

The LS 1 Disciplinary Core Idea is organized into four sub-ideas: Structure and Function, Growth and Development of Organisms, Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms, and Information Processing . Students can gather information and use this information to support explanations of the structure and function relationship of cells. They can communicate understanding of cell theory. They have a basic understanding of the role of cells in body systems and how those systems work to support the life functions of the organism. The understanding of cells provides a context for the plant process of photosynthesis and the movement of matter and energy needed for the cell. Students can construct an explanation for how environmental and genetic factors affect growth of organisms. They can connect this to the role of animal behaviors in reproduction of animals as well as the dependence of some plants on animal behaviors for the ir reproduction. 

Calculation Method for DCI

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