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Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

Performance Expectations

LS4 help students formulate an answer to the question, “ How do organisms change over time in response to changes in the environment?”

The LS4 Disciplinary Core Idea is divided into four sub-ideas: Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity, Natural Selection , Adaptation, and Biodiversity and Humans . Students can construct explanations based on evidence to support fundamental understandings of natural selection and evolution. They can use ideas of genetic variation in a population to make sense of organisms surviving and reproducing, hence passing on the traits of the species. They are able to use fossil records and anatomical similarities of the relationships among organisms and species to support their understanding. 

Calculation Method for DCI

Disciplinary Core Ideas are larger groups of related Performance Expectations. So the Disciplinary Core Idea Grade is a calculation of all the related Performance Expectations. So click on the Performance Expectation name below each Disciplinary Core Idea to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each Disciplinary Core Idea's related Performance Expectations.

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