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Earth's Systems

Performance Expectations

ESS2 help students formulate an answer to questions such as:

  • How do the materials in and on Earth’s crust change over time?
  • How does the movement of tectonic plates impact the surface of Earth?
  • How does water influence weather, circulate in the oceans, and shape Earth’s surface?
  • What factors interact and influence weather?
  • How have living organisms changed the Earth?
  • How have Earth’s changing conditions impacted living organisms?

The ESS2 Disciplinary Core Idea is broken down into five sub - ideas: Earth materials and systems, plate tectonics and large - scale system interactions, the roles of water in Earth’s surface processes , weather and climate, and biogeology. Students understand how Earth’s geo-systems operate by modeling the flow of energy and cycling of matter within and among different systems. Students investigate the controlling properties of important materials and construct explanations based on the analysis of real geoscience data. Of special importance in both topics are the ways that geoscience processes provide resources needed by society but also cause natural hazards that present risks to society; both involve technological challenges, for the identification and development of resources. Students develop understanding of the factors that control weather. A systems approach is also important here, examining the feedbacks between systems as energy from the sun is transferred between systems and circulates though the ocean and atmosphere.
In the ESS2 performance expectations, students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in developing and using models, planning and carrying out investigations , analyzing and interpreting data , and constructing explanations ; and to use these practices to demonstrate understanding of the core ideas.

Calculation Method for DCI

Disciplinary Core Ideas are larger groups of related Performance Expectations. So the Disciplinary Core Idea Grade is a calculation of all the related Performance Expectations. So click on the Performance Expectation name below each Disciplinary Core Idea to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each Disciplinary Core Idea's related Performance Expectations.

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