1st Grade SST Targeted Benchmarks
Standard 4: Political Systems

SST-01.4.01 Apply good citizenship (e.g., respect, cooperation, honesty, responsibility ) in the school environment.

Student Learning Targets:

Skills (Performance) Targets

  • can be a good citizen. 
  • I can work with others. 
  • I can follow classroom and school procedures. 
  • I can show respect. 
  • I can care for and put away materials. 
  • I can be honest. 

Proficiency Rubric

Score   Description Sample Activity
4.0 The student exceeds expectations and is a positive example for other students.   -
  3.5 In addition to Score 3.0 performance, the student demonstrates in-depth inferences and applications regarding the more complex content with partial success.
3.0 The student consistently focuses attention on tasks with no cues, follows classroom and school procedures, demonstrates self-advocacy skills and completes all assigned tasks.  The student promptly follows directions without reminders on a consistent basis.  The student is consistently aware of him/herself and behavior, understands expectations, makes good choices and demonstrates the ability to follow through.  The student consistently uses appropriate verbal language and tone, appropriate body language, understands boundaries, respects personal space and makes choices that help and benefit others and him/herself.   -
  2.5 The student demonstrates no major errors or omissions regarding the simpler details and processes (Score 2.0 content) and partial knowledge of the more complex ideas and processes (Score 3.0 content).
2.0 The student knows the expectations but is unable to complete all of them and/or is able to self-monitor but is inconsistent in applying this skill.  The student needs some prompting and reminders of expectations from the teacher.   -
  1.5 The student demonstrates partial knowledge of the simpler details and processes (Score 2.0 content) but exhibits major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and procedures (Score 3.0 content).
1.0 The student needs a lot of teacher redirection as he/she is unable to self-monitor.  The student needs many reminders to follow directions and/or is unable to complete tasks without teacher assistance.  The student is unable to keep hands and feet to self, doesn't understand boundaries, uses inappropriate language and tone and/or uses inappropriate body language.   -
  0.5 The student is unable to show grade level citizenship in the school environment.  



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  • classroom
  • school
  • procedures
  • honest
  • respect
  • citizen
  • cooperation
  • responsibility

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