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Skills and Resources

Students apply Social Studies skills and resources.

 Narrative for the Skills and Resources

Students in Grade 5 study the United States, focusing on the influence of physical and cultural characteristics on national origins, growth, and development up to 1800 through a formal exploration of United States history, geography, economics, government, current events, and cultural heritage. Emphasis should be placed upon study of Native American Indian cultures, European exploration, colonization, settlement, revolution against British rule, the founding of the Republic and the beginnings of the United States. Students also learn to describe the major components of our national government and to demonstrate responsible citizenship in the classroom and school setting. Through active learning experiences at the fifth grade level, students’ increasing interest in the ability to gather and organize data enables them to explore the physical and cultural characteristics of the United States and its neighbors. Most fifth grade students benefit from working and sharing in flexible groups so that they can become actively involved in “how-to” demonstrations. Their natural interest in science, biography, and travel set the stage for experience involving maps, memorabilia, collections, simulations, educational games, group-planned projects, first-person presentations, and school and community experiences.

In activities, emphasis is placed on the problem-solving skills of questioning, examining fact and opinion, analyzing and evaluating sources of information, contrasting and comparing using primary and secondary sources, and conducting research using a variety of resources, including technology and electronic and print media. Additional skills to be taught include: (1) analyzing maps, globes, and graphic organizers; (2) creating and interpreting charts and graphs; (3) Identifying relationships; (4) debating issues; (5) posing alternative actions; and (6) developing thinking and independent study skills.

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