Physical Education PED-06 Targeted Standards
Standard 1: Student demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.
Cluster: Invasion Games

PED-06.S1.IG.02 Catches with a mature pattern from a variety of trajectories using different catching objects in varying practice tasks (e.g., self-toss and catch, partner toss and catch, small group toss and catch).

Student Learning Targets:

Knowledge(Performance) Targets

  • I can define mature pattern and trajectory.

Reasoning (Performance) Targets

  •  I can adjust body placement to face target based on trajectory of object.

Skills (Performance) Targets

  • I can demonstrates all four components to catch an object using a mature pattern from a variety of trajectories.
    • Demonstrate proper catching form:
      • Knees slightly bent.
      • Facing target.
      • Hands ready.
      • Grasps object to complete catch.



Proficiency Scale:

Score   Description Sample Activity

The student:

  • consistently catches object.
  • uses proper catching form.
  3.5 In addition to Score 3.0 performance, the student demonstrates in-depth inferences and applications regarding the more complex content with partial success.
3.0 The student:
  •  demonstrates proper catching form:
    • knees slightly bent.
    • facing target.
    • hands ready.
    • grasps object to complete catch.
  • Throw and catch with partner.
  • Game play.
  • Relay/Drills.
  2.5 Demonstrates three out of the four proper catching form components.
2.0 The student:
  •  demonstrates two out of the four proper catching form components.
  1.5 The student demonstrates partial knowledge of the simpler details and processes (Score 2.0 content) but exhibits major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and procedures (Score 3.0 content).
1.0 With help, the student:
  •  demonstrates one out of the four proper catching form components.
  0.5 Even with help,  performance of  skill is not demonstrated.





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