6th Grade (PED) Targeted Standards
Standard 2: Student applies knowledge of concepts, principles and tactics related to movement and performance.
(IG) Cluster: Invasion Games

PED-06.S2.IG.01 Creates open space by using locomotor movements (e.g., walking, running, jumping and landing) in combination with movement (e.g., varying pathways; changes of speed, direction or pace).

Student Learning Targets:

Knowledge Targets

  • I can explain where the open space it.

Reasoning Targets

  • I can describe why I need to go to an open space in a game.

Skills (Performance) Targets

  • I can move to an open space to be available to catch the ball.

Product Targets

  • I can participate fully in a game by creating open space.

Proficiency Scale

Score   Description Sample Activity
4.0  The student excels at creating open space and is a leader  in the game. -
3.0  The student creates open space and is available to catch the ball in an activity. - Basketball, 5 Pass
2.0   -
1.0   -
0.0 Even with help, the student demonstrates no understanding or skill. -




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