Physical Education PED-06 Targeted Benchmarks
Standard 4: Fitness Concepts
Students understand and apply fitness concepts to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

PED-06.4.01 Demonstrate ways to monitor the body’s response to physical activity (e.g., checking pulse with fingers, using a heart rate monitor).

Student Learning Targets:

Knowledge Target

  • I can identify and explain the difference between resting and target heart rates. (Physical Fitness)
  • I can demonstrate proper stretching technique using correct form and pace. (Physical Fitness)

Reasoning Targets

  • I can monitor my heart rate during activity. (Physical Fitness)

Skills (Performance) Targets

  • I can modify my activity level based on my heart rate level during activity. (Physical Fitness)
Rubric - Resources


Proficiency Scale

Score   Description Sample Activity

The student can:

-apply the results of a heart rate or exercise assessment to create a personalized fitness program achieving desired heart rate levels within each activity.

-The student can:

- identify and explain the difference between resting and target heart rates.

-locate their pulse accurately and consistently.

-monitor their heart rate during activity.

-modify their activity level based on their heart rate level during activity.


- The student can:

-identify resting and target heart rates, but cannot explain the difference.

-locate their pulse inconsistently.

-check their heart rate during activity but is unable to apply the results to their activity level.

The student can:

-locate their pulse with assistance.

-can identify either resting or target heart rates

-with assistance, the student can check their heart rate during activity.
0.0 Even with help, the student demonstrates no understanding or skill. -




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