BPSS- performing music logo Grade 6 General Music

Anchor Standard 4:

Select, analyze and interpret artistic work for presentation.


Anchor Standards are larger groups of related Performance Outcomes. So the Anchor Standard Grade is a calculation of all the related Performance Outcomes listed below.

Performance Outcomes

MUS-06.Pr.04.1a: Apply teacher provided criteria for selecting music to perform for a specific purpose and/or context, and explain why each was chosen.
MUS-06.Pr.04.2a: Explain how understanding the structure and the elements of music are used in music selected for performance.
MUS-06.Pr.04.2b: When analyzing selected music, read and identify by name or function standard symbols for rhythm, pitch, articulation, and dynamics.
MUS-06.Pr.04.2c: Identify how cultural and historical context inform performances.
MUS-06.Pr.04.3a: Perform a selected piece of music demonstrating how their interpretations of the elements of music and the expressive qualities (such as dynamics, tempo, timbre, articulation/style, and phrasing) convey intent.

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